ALOHA!  If you've stumbled here, looking for me, here's how to redirect yourself along and find some more valuable content that scattered all over cyber-space about ME...made by me or are the activities that I love to be doing.

You can always just "google" my name: Franis Engel  

Below is a link to my main page on my website. There you can get to most other things I've been up to these days...


There you'll find lots of stuff to read and see, such as things I do for a living, such as...
  • teaching Alexander Technique, 
  • publishing a small-town phone book 
  • for Bolinas, CA, 
  • painting windows for holidays
  • care-taking for homes, people, pets like this one --->
          As well as my many hobbies such as...
  • writing and popularizing things I run into that I think are really cool. 

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I've also got an account at as "Franis" where I keep a list of cool things and places on the internet.

Also my hobbies that I like to do for fun in the past...

I love writing in my personal blog. 

(0ver 150 posts) 

  • science fiction ("An8el" at and
  • playing with giving advice via various personality systems and other predictors such as the Enneagram, Conative Index, 
  • Astrology, the tarot and the I Ching, (all predictions cheerfully retracted! - but I only do those things as a personal favor.) 
  • You'll also read in my personal blog how I love to offer the benefit of my experience and stories. 
  • I love to be around live music and musicians and to be playing and composing music myself on the array mbira and piano; 
  • then there is the fun of juggling, teaching juggling, training animals, etc. 

I'm pretty much coming up with a new thing I love every six months or so. I love to teach pretty much anything I know because I love to observe. 


I'd love it if everyone found out that that they can have such a wealth of talents that they could be puzzled what to do next!

 Here's a page I wrote as a for a favorite author on career counseling. It even includes a video of me blabbing away. This author, who wrote many fascinating books in the last thirty years and maintains a thriving forum community. She has provided me with many insights: 

You can also check out my contributions on her author forum, where I use the name "An8el."


 Here's my link of a page I made because I've been very interested in writing for a group that I've been a part of for the last fifteen years or so. It's a Dialogue started by the ideas of David Bohm that continues to be moderated by some of his contemporaries.  Dialogue is a fascinating experiment in communication. Check out some stuff about it here:

Then there are some videos on youtube that you might find interesting... You can probably get to any of them that I post after this one by having this link. It's a four minute introduction to Alexander Technique:

OK - have fun! that's the fun fascist in me telling you spontaneously combust...