Francesca Lipari, Ph. D.
Post-Doctoral fellow at Lumsa University of Rome

Department of Economics and Social Science,
LUMSA University
Via Pompeo Magno, 22
00192, Roma, Italy

E-mail address:

Research Interests:
PRIMARY: Behavioral Economics, Network Theory,  Political Economy of Development, Institutional Economics.
SECONDARY: Gender Economics, Human Capital, Family Economics 

I am interested in measurement, modeling, empirical analysis, and policy implications, of how individuals and groups make consequential economic decisions in the presence of social norms and limited information (and their interactions) and uncertainty, especially within the contexts of social mobility, environmental decisions, human capital and inequality.


My current research directions investigate:

  • PREFERENCE: How do preferences, social norms (i.e. beliefs), choice and relational sets determine what choices people make and how they make those choices? And how are those elements formed? 
  • INTERACTION: Is there a specific "decision rules," "decision protocols," or "modes of interactions" they use that is dependent on social reference group? Does the reference group have an impact on the effort elicitation?
  • INFORMATIONAL SET: What information do individuals or groups have (use) when making decisions under uncertainty? What assumptions do they make? And what is the role of social norms in identifying individual’s informational set? 
  • What components of individuals' and groups' decision processes can we sensibly measure in surveys? From whom? And in what formats?

You can find my  CV here

“Tutto ciò che siriferisce a nozioni economiche è
legato a rappresentazioni molto più vaste che mettono in
gioco l’insieme delle relazioni umane (…) relazioni
complesse, difficili, in cui le due parti sono sempre
E. Benveniste (1969)


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