François Koulischer

Research Associate, Department of Finance, Université du Luxembourg

+352 466644 5618

Kirchberg campus, Building F, office 003

6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi

L-1359 Luxembourg


Working Papers

Using Bank Loans as Collateral in Europe: The Role of Liquidity and Funding Purposes

with Patrick Van Roy. April 2017. National Bank of Belgium Working Paper 318.

Asymmetric Shocks in a Currency Union: The Role of Central Bank Collateral Policy

May 2015. Banque de France Working Paper 554

Work in Progress

Low Interest Rates and the Distribution of Household Debt. With Marina Emiris.

Affordable Housing and Transaction Tax Subsidies. With Anastasia Girshina and Ulf von Lilienfeld-Toal.


Inspecting the Mechanism of Quantitative Easing in the Euro Area

with Ralph Koijen, Benoît Nguyen and Motohiro Yogo. Journal of Financial Economics. Forthcoming.

The Collateral Channel of Open Market Operations

with Nuno Cassola. April 2019. Journal of Financial Stability, 41, 73–90.

Euro-Area Quantitative Easing and Portfolio Rebalancing

with Ralph Koijen, Benoit Nguyen, and Motohiro Yogo. May 2017. American Economic Review (P&P), 107(5).

Central Bank Liquidity Provision and Collateral Quality

with Daan Struyven. December 2014. Journal of Banking and Finance 49, 113–130.


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