d'autres photos


This picture was taken - un-noticed - at f/2 in Paris subway on Provia 400F

self-portrait in the lift; Provia 400F at f/2

Provia 400F at f/2

my M3 shot from a 60cm distance.
This picture was handheld at 1/4s at f/2 on Velvia 100F

brother and sister @ f/2.8. Tri-x

same brother & sister @ f/2.8. Tri-x

 Tmax 3200 : 1/250s @ f/16

Plus-X : 1/250s @ f/4

This picture is a 100% 4000 dpi crop of the preceding picture (Coolscan V). The shot was handheld, but the names "Coulomb", "Poinsot", "Foucault", ... are clearly readable
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Spontaneous picture taken without framing, fully relying on AF, at f/2 in P-mode. Tmax 3200

Tmax 3200 @ f/2

Through the window

Tri-x at f/2

I was talking to my neighbour, in the street. The camera was in silent mode, hanging around my neck. I slightly tilted the camera upwards and took the picture while talking. Of course, this picture is unexceptional, but the point is that he never noticed anything, and the picture is sharp and well exposed, something impossible wih a Leica-M ! Tri-x, 1/250, f/4.
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Living together. Provia 400F at f/2, 1/15s

another one at f/2 on Ilford Pan F

Playing with V shapes ...
35mm is a good focal length to re-frame to square format