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Love it? Hate it?  Have actual constructive criticism or knowledge to share?

Nope, this aint a blog.  It's not a popularity contest either.  It's my website, and if you don't like it, too bad.  Oh sure, though, go ahead and email me anyway!  If your ranting and raving meets my sneeringly high standards, I may deign to post it for the edu-tainment of other readers.

I hate you, your website, and you smell.

Use this link to tell me all about it.  Spill, baby. 

You are the greatest, smartest writer ever!!

Really? Gosh thanks.  You love me, you really love me.  Use this link to tell me more about how wonderful I am. 

My opinion is somewhere in between.

Oh, you mean there's more to life than black and white?  Hmm... you may be onto something there.  Use this link to clue me in.