...Don't just sit there, subvert something! 

 Whether it's a death by a thousand cuts, or massive action by a united front, we can all 'do something' to drive off the beast that is squishing us like a Rhino on a basketball.  No matter our station, we can improve our lot in life.   The first thing you need to realize is that you are not alone.   It's true the entire system is arranged to get you to think that way, but you are not gonna have to do this by yourself by any means.    

The second thing is this: no force on earth, no matter how much power it acquires, can retain it forever.  The current oligopoly's days  are numbered.  Never allow yourself to feel powerless, because their power is mostly just smoke and mirrors.  You just might be the one to break the mirror and expose them, who knows?

Finally, know that all the technology, science, and resources we could ever need are already here at hand.  Anyone who tells you they need to do 'more studies' is either cracked or deluded, and you can feel free to ignore them.  Right now, today, there is plenty of food for all the creatures on earth.  Plenty of shelter materials, fuel, what have you... all we need to do is get away from these ideas of scarcity.  Could be your role will be as someone who teaches the truth about this mythology to the people who most need to know it.

Still unsure?  Just start talking to people, sharing what's on your mind.. and listening.  And if you still don't know what to do after that, how about trying to get involved with some of these fine groups?

The Yes Men

They have disbanded the WTO, shamed Dow/Union Carbide, and brought riducule to Halliburton.  Sure, it probably won't save the world, but by joining with these fine folks you can do your part to poke holes in the ruling classes tissue of lies - and have fun doing it.  For all my theatre buddies, somebody run and tell Bertold Brecht that Agitprop is not dead!  Tell me more

The Pachamama Alliance

When the Achuar in western Ecuador asked for Northerners to get moving and spread the word about the devastation occuring at the hands of Big Oil, these folks responded.  12 years later, their training and symposiums are the best around.  Learn about them, learn from them, and go out in your life equipped with a whole new set of tools and an more inspired outlook.  They are proving every day that it's still possible to reverse course and make life better for humanity.   Tell me more

The Wealth Information Network 

A newer group, these folks aim to lead and teach by example.  WIN training sessions are modelled on the Chatauqua model, with much interaction and feedback from the attendees.   It's simply not true that our present economy can't  be rebuilt along humane lines, and  these classes and symposiums are a great place for you to start learning about how you can be instrumental in this change.   {full disclosure: I am one of the founders of this organization}  Tell me more


Note:  Both Pachamama and W.I.N. give classes that are very useful as stand-alone items.  If you can dedicate the time, please consider attending the P.A's "awakening the dreamer" one-day symposium; and follow that with the W.I.N. 1/2 day course.  If you do, effectively the first will offer you a solid foundation, and the second will pick up from there with more advanced ideas.  And, crucially,  it presents useful things to do with all the knowledge you've acquired. 

As well, there are dozens and maybe hundreds of other groups out there who are not listed here.  Send me info, and I'll add them in due course.  And if none of these is available near you, for gosh sakes start one of your own!  What are you waiting for, christmas?

(click here to get contact info for the above groups and other similar organizations)