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Do you want to see a fair and humane civilization for everybody?  In your lifetime, at long last?  To learn how it can happen, try reading one of these.  Or better yet, read them all.  They're a bit repetitive, but like a good song, they'll stick better in your noggin that way.  And feel free to comment on the feedback pages.

Note these are Word documents at present.  In time they will become PDF files, but until then, be sure to have your antivirus software running when you download.  I put them up here clean, but this internet thingy is a weird place... 

Common Sense Revisited - entire series  ... a whole heaping helping of informed criticism, written around the time of the last (s)election.  Covers the mess we're in, how we got here, and why even red-stater's need to get rid of Team Bush.

Common Sense Revisited - #8 (standalone)  ... just the last essay of the first series, which has most of the resources you need to be able to start building a better life without the hassles we all live with now.

War Footing 2003 essay ... an earlier draft of what became CSR

Open Letter to Younger America 2005 essay   ... if you are under 25 years old, maybe starting here will be useful.  Contains some of the same info as the CSR series.

CSR#9  ...yes, indeedy we need to Impeach.  And soon.  Series 2 kicks off with a bang.

 Re-Defeat, Impeach, whatever... Just banish these clowns from the realm and be done with it already.  Bye Bye, Bush.