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10/06: CSR #13.  In which we take a break from inspirational thoughts, and poke a stick in the beehive of election-year politics.   What could possibly go wrong?  Here is the essay, and here is a PDF of a letter from a conservative republican correspondant.  It's probably not what you expect, actually.  Finally, here is a link off site to Kevin Tillman's incomparable open letter to America.

9/06: CSR #12.  Yes sportsfans, sometimes I do write when I'm actually in a good mood.  Here is a fine example of that.  Note this essay is really a continuation of #11, so it's best to start there.

 7/06: And now, #11.  This essay addresses something long overdue in the CSR series - actual details about what the world will look like once we abandon our bad habits and stupid leaders.  Actual good news, for a change. 

5/06: Ok, hot off the presses, here is the second essay in the Common Sense Revisited series II. This one deals with the months of protests and boycotts that have suddenly appeared on our shores.  Please follow the link abouve to download it.  Note it's a Word document, not a PDF, so please run a virus-scan before you open it on your machine.