...'cause gloom and doom only get you so far... 

Ok, here's one from Tommy LaSorda:

Two brothers are also very good friends.  As they get into their later years, they start to talk often about ideas like Reincarnation and what happens after one dies.  They make a pact that whoever goes first should make every effort to contact the one 'back here' and tell them what they find.  The older one passes away, but three years pass and the younger brother never sees any signs at all.  Worried, he goes to a medium.  She pulls out her crystal ball, works a few spells, and after a time manages to bring up the spirit of the older brother.

"Oh man, am I glad to see you!" says the younger brother.  "But why didn't you contact me like we'd agreed?"

"Hey I'm glad to see you too little bro'.  I have to apologize, but I've been really busy" said the older brother.

"Doing what?"

"Well, bro', I get up in the morning, and have sex.  Then I eat.  Then I have sex again, followed by lunch. Then, well you get the picture.  It keeps me hopping, let me tell ya."

And the younger brother is truly impressed by this, as in life neither one was any kind of a smooth operator.  He says, "Wow that's great for you man.  Are you some kind of some polygamous Mormon in Utah?" 

"Mormon? No bro', I'm a bunny in Colorado!"