Good Resources
...Actually, these are geat too, but only if you are a SF bay area local yokel...

Well first off, as a confirmed book junkie, I just have to link to the best bookstore ever*, Walden Pond Books (on Grand Ave by the Grand Lake Theatre) in Oakland CA.  There are a whole bunch of good and great book sellers in the region, and even the chain stores around here are ok.  So temptation lurks on every corner, and it'd be all too easy to blow my entire paycheck  if not super-careful.  But if you just can't live without books, well my friend you gotta go here:  Walden Pond 

For that matter, let's give Oakland some credit, ok?  Those of you not from here ought to know this town has 3 of the most beautiful movie houses on earth, the Fox, the Grand Lake, and the Paramount.  Two of them still show movies too. 

And while we're talking movies, we have to mention the most wonderful Parkway Theatre too.  It's the home (mostly) of Thrillville - and baby you aren't hip unless you have been to Thrillville at least once.  So, take a vacation, or quit your job, and visit Oakland, movie lover's paradise.

Speaking of paradise, this part of California, in addition to having some nice architecture, has quite a few cool radio stations.  Hard to believe, in this age of Cheap Channel and corporate RIAA crap, but we have KALX, KUSF, KPOO, KQED, and even a 24 hour jazz station, KCSM.  Now we're talking peep's... real jazz.  What more could we ask for? 

If you said "a good beer", well my friend we're on the same wavelength.  I'm buying!  First we'll go to the Alley, then head over to Pat's Bar for some honest to god Blues music, and wind up at Kitty's in Emeryville with a glass of brandy; watching all the hipsters and their mating rituals. 

Speaking of mating rituals, how about a night on the town, with dancing to great music, and cap it off with a some time in the hot tub.  Yes my friends, I'm speaking of a very grownup and civilized evening out, the monthly event called Beat Conscious.  3rd Saturday of the month, in the neighborhood of Fairfax's famous Frogs hot tubs.   Shake your booty and sweat out the week's woes all at once.  What better therapy could there be?

Funny you should ask that.  A big tip of the hat must go to Dr. Kari Figone, and her fellow practicioners at Absolute Chiropractic.  I've been a fairly regular visitor to her offices for some time now, and I feel like a new man.  If you've never been to a chiropractor, may I suggest that you research it and start now?  You don't know what you're missing.  After all, why not live free from aches and pains?  And why not go to the best around.  Like they say in that commercial, 'You're worth it'.

At this point, you'de be right to wonder if all these mini-commercials make me a paid shill.  Nope, I just calls them as I see 'em...  We all have to get by in the world, and why not do so with a bit of style and grace?  

Why not eat well too?  This region has no shortage of fantastic eateries (Stinking Rose, I'm thinking of you); so I'll limit food picks to places that fit a rigid criteria: they are good tasty and affordable, but also are in some way an embodiment of the ideas and principles that are prattled on about all over this website.  So far, that narrows the list down to just one.  Cafe de la Paz, on Shattuck Ave. in the People's Republic of Berkeley, just a few blocks above University Ave.  Good food, and they were born out of the angst during the first gulf war.   Joe Bob sez check it out.

*It really is the best, I checked all the others.