Donate Now
...because, you know, that Benjamin in your pocket aint doing anything...

Since most folks who visit this site will run screaming after a few pages, this section is really for the die-hards who actually agree with me that we can make a better world, starting today.  But to do it, there's overhead.  I want to able to help some existing projects (such as WIN, Pachamama, and ZERI) and I want to found a library.  And so much more.  So if you have found any of this stuff helpful, please send a check or money order.  It's not tax deductable, but you'll feel better, and I'll send you something nice in appreciation.

Mail to: 366 Grand Ave., #211, Oakland CA 94610

Thanks.  And remember - have faith in yourself.  You have the power to save the world.  It's not nearly too late to start. 


If you landed on this page after reading some of the poetry, there are currently 2 books of my stuff in print: Dan Quixote, and Unfolding Story.  Either one can be yours for the low low price of $20.00.  Oy what a bargain, that's less than a buck a poem.  And they are now less filling, low calorie poems too.  Same great taste.  Throw in another 5 bucks per copy, and I'll sign the darn thing.  Or get both for the insane special bargain rate of $40.00!!  As my friend Andy once said, that's "no money off!"  Act now, operators are standing by, etc. etc...  (Actually, just drop a check in the mail, to the address above.  Be sure to include your address, my mind reading skills aren't so hot these days).