Wildly Plausible

...And now, for something completely Optimistic... 

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Yes, we can do it.  We are the generation that will finally evolve beyond the dangerous mythology that is threatening to kill us.  Better days lie ahead.

Hi, I'm Dan Franco and you've stumbled upon (or, been dragged to in chains) my new website.  Many of the above links don't work yet, but in time this will be a snappy and lively place, so stop back soon, ok?  Perhaps after wandering around these pages you'll have a better understanding of how I came to believe what I do, and why I think you can have a much better life than the one you're currently muddling through.  If I've done my job, you'll see that the Dark Ages we've been living in are just about to end, and at last, the Renaissance is coming.  And YOU are an essential player in nursing it along.  

Right up front I need to make a confession: I'm the kind of guy who is, shall we say, not very diplomatic.  If I step up to bat, take a swing and miss, I don't stick with the same baseball bat.  I go looking for a 2-by-4.  So consider yourself forewarned.  I firmly believe that RIGHT NOW every one of us needs to get a clue, and begin taking steps to right our course.  Maybe my style isn't for you.  But grin and bear it, because you know, deep down, that things are truly screwed up.  You know that in some way you've had a hand it making it so.  And you're here, mostly, because you want to get to the root of the problem.  So, while I can't really apologize for my bluntness, I can express my gratitude that you're making an effort to learn.  The rewards will be huge, no doubt about it.

Another guy named Daniel, (Quinn, that is) a vastly superior writer than I, has written extensively about Humanity's path of history, and he breaks recent history (the last 12,000 years) down into 2 parts: the Great Forgetting, and the Great Remembering.  Writer and activist Joanna Macy speaks often of a similar concept called the Great Turning.  Follow the 'Great Resources' or 'Philosophy' links above if you need more info about these ideas.  What I hope to add to the lexicon is a vision for Humanity's next phase, which seems right to call the Great Reconsideration.  By creating this site, I aim to offer tools for anyone who seeks to improve their lot in life, and ease the suffering of the entire world.  No kidding.

Look, who do you know that actively wants to live in misery?  No one.  But every day we make choices that lead us away from a happy life, and mire us in commitments that act as a prison.  Maybe, just maybe, we need to rethink the basis for the civilization we've built.  Perhaps, just possibly, it's actually the case that we and our forebears have been horribly, horribly misinformed.  Despite our best intentions, we just make things worse each year.  

Thankfully, there are plenty of examples we can use as models, and the truths that we can learn about will finally get us off this downward spiral in time to prevent a big crash at the bottom of the funnel.   It's simply not true that we are by nature 'faulty', or inherently evil.  To paraphrase that other Daniel,  "give people a bad story to be in, and they will enact that story.  Show them a better story, and they will naturally  move  into it."  Wouldn't you rather be in the better story?  Me too.  Now scroll back up to the top, pick a link, and start reading!

...Or, perhaps you might head over to your nearest multiplex (or even better an arthouse cinema) and view any of these current movies: What a Way to Go, The Story of Stuff, the 11th Hour, or An Inconvenient Truth. Each does a bang up job of explaining a big part of the issue at hand and offers a few good solutions too, which is much appreciated.  Try on the book Capitalism3.0 by Peter Barnes if movies aren't your thing, but you'd like a good primer.  (Of course there's tons more resources above in the links).

Understand this much: we lack nothing except willpower to make the change.  We have all the technology, all the physical resources we need.   What are we waiting for?  Let's get to it!