As a field geologist I strongly believe in the power of careful observations.  This drives my teaching philosophy, which focuses on developing observational skills and instilling passion for geology.  I try to achieve these goals by providing both short and long-term field experiences for undergraduate students and create independent and challenging research opportunities that build scientific independence.  Having participated in research and extensive fieldwork during my own undergraduate career, I recognize how invaluable those experiences were in shaping my future, both in building skills, confidence, and as formative cultural experiences.  This has inspired me to take students for ~1 month stints in locations as diverse as Australia, Namibia, Mongolia, Canada and Arctic Alaska as field assistants, to field camps in the Mojave desert, and fieldtrips to Hawaii, Italy, and upstate New York.  In the classroom, I find my teaching most effective when I combine my pedagogical approaches with my passion for communication.  My classes incorporate labs and exercises that keep the students active and engaged.