Francis A. Macdonald

Post-Doctoral Scholars
Alan Rooney-Constructing a Cryogenian osmium isotope curve, 2012-present.

Graduate Students
Uyanga Bold-Preservational biases on Neoproterozoic records-Insights from Mongolia , 2010-present.

Emmy Smith-Early Cambrian of Mongolia, funded by NSF GRF, 2010-present.

Justin Strauss-Topics in Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic  stratigraphy in the Northwestern Cordillera, funded by NSF GRF, 2010-present.

Athena Eyster-Geophysics and Paleomagnetism of the core of Rodinia, 2010-present.

Undergraduate Students
William Thompson-Butler-Rapid carbon deposition in the Utica Shale, present.
Lyle Nelson

Former Students
Ryan Petterson (post-doc)-Overlapping Unconformities in the Kingston Peak Formation, 2010-2011.
Felix Waechter (undergraduate)-Chemostratigraphy of the Virgin Springs Limestone: Implications for stratigraphic correlation in Death Valley, CA, 2012.
Dylan Trotzyk (undergraduate)-The tectonic and climatic context of Neoproterozoic stratiform mineralization on the western margin of Laurentia, 2012.
Trevor Petach (undergraduate)-Neoproterozoic oxygenation seen through minor element analyses, 2010.