Biography of Francisco Ciccio Poblet


      Francisco Ciccio Poblet was born in 1932 in New York City.  His father was originally from Spain and his mother was from Sicily, they met in New York City, where Francisco and his sister Olga were born.  At age 11, he sold his first painting which was a landscape, he also entered an art competition, and being the youngest contestant, he won first prize.  When Francisco was 14 years old, his father introduced him to his friend Salvador Dali at a Spanish Conference,  Salvador was so impressed by Francisco's talent, that Salvador agreed to be Francisco's private mentor and first teacher, he started off using oils, then to acrylic, pen and ink and other mediums.   The fine detail and style of his paintings to this day reveal that Salvador was very influential in every aspect of Francisco's surrealist and imaginative style. Every painting has a story with deep meaning, that when he points these details out, it's even more amazing and you can feel the true passion that goes into his work.  I have never been more deeply moved by an artists work in my life, "Working with Dali was very inspirational,  I was taken in by the style of his work which was called surrealism".   He then went on to attend Cooper Union Art School, The Art Students league of New York, then to the School of Visual Arts, there he would perfect his skills in advanced mechanical and color separation, and develop exceptional works of art.  Francisco also attended Columbia University.  He soon would be employed by Western Publishing where he painted Gold Key comic book covers for such giants as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Hannah Barbera and Marvel Comics, and Little Golden Books.  He was the Art Director for the Grit Newspaper in Williamsport, PA, he painted the artwork for Tiny Tim's album cover, "Juanita Banana", his work history is endless, too numerous to mention.


     On September 11, 2001, Francisco lived two blocks from the Twin Towers in New York City, when the first plane  attacked, it shattered the windows in his apartment, he then went out to the street with his video camera, and was struck by the debris from the crumbling towers.  It would take him several years to recover from his injuries, but as ill as he was, he still painted from his hospital bed.  His vivid memories of the attack would be his inspiration for his 911 Collection of paintings.  Francisco is now 79 years young, and his remarkable talent has never waned, he still paints almost daily.  He has completed new masterpieces as "Crumbling Dali'", which he completed the day before The Philadelphia Tattoo Convention in February of this year, which is a depiction of his mentor Salvador Dali' and includes a tattooed egg in the foreground. 


     Francisco still attends his gallery events and art exhibitions, where he signs his paintings and prints for his devoted fans, and is there to explain the minute details of the meanings of his paintings as well as his experiences with his mentor, Salvador Dali.  Stay tuned for more information as to the dates and times of upcoming gallery events and exhibits.



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