American Nazism, Fascism, Socialism that influenced Adolf Hitler

The work by the historian Dr. Rex Curry that deals with the Triangle Shirtwaist fire explains how the fire is incorrectly blamed on capitalism and the fire is an indictment of government regulation and socialism.

The "Pledge of Allegiance" and salute to the flag was the origin of the salute adopted decades later by the National Socialist German Workers Party (the "Nazi salute") see the photos and videos (e.g. on youtube). The pledge was written by Francis Bellamy, cousin and cohort to Edward Bellamy, and both Bellamys referred to themselves as national socialists and they did influence national socialism in Germany (Nazism). 

The Swastika was a Socialist and military symbol (and it was also an ancient generic "good luck" symbol) that the Nazis merely adapted and they used it to represent crossed S-letters for "socialism" under German National Socialism. The "Nazis" did not call it a swastika and they did not call themselves "nazis" (they called themselves socialists). 

Of course, the Nazi salute was NOT actually the salute of the Roman legions, that is a debunked old myth that will not die. The concept of an "ancient Roman salute" did not even exist when Bellamy made his pledge and Bellamy made no reference to the myth EVER (because he was unaware of the myth because the myth did not exist at that time). The myth developed and persists in part to cover up the USA and its pledge as the origin of the Nazi salute and robotic chanting to flags. 

The stiff-arm salute thus has nothing to do with putting your hand on your heart because the hand over the heart is not the gesture Bellamy used in his pledge.