Judge Napolitano agrees w Dr. Rex Curry: Pledge of Allegiance caused Nazi salutes

Judge Andrew Napolitano in the video link below (starting at 3 minutes into the video) agrees with Dr. Rex Curry's discovery that the USA's Pledge was origin of the Nazi salute appropriated later by Adolf Hitler's National Socialist German Workers Party.  


Judge Napolitano shows an old photograph of the early stiff-armed salute of the Pledge of Allegiance that was also used by the Daily Herald Newspaper in an article about Dr. Curry at



Napolitano explains that when President Woodrow Wilson insisted that all school children recite the pledge he led them into doing so using the American Nazi salute. "I bet you never saw a picture of him doing that" Napolitano quips. After World War II, the Bellamy salute that Wilson so loved became very unpopular, Napolitano explains.

Francis Bellamy was the author of the Pledge of Allegiance and the origin of the Hitler salute that was used in the early pledge's ritualized daily chanting / brainwashing. Francis and his cousin (Edward Bellamy) were both national socialists in the USA and influenced the National Socialist German Workers Party, its dogma, rituals and symbols (including the use of the swastika as
crossed "S" letters for "socialism").

Another link below shows another video (on Youtube) in which a harassed student (in a government school / socialist school with daily chanting) also  agrees with what Dr. Curry has been saying for almost a decade: that the USA Pledge was origin of Nazi salute.


It is hoped that the two people above (Napolitano and the student) will also explain the discovery that the swastika was used by German National Socialists as crossed "S" letters for "socialism".