Catalase: Does More Help?

The Effects of Catalase Concentration on the Output Rate of the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide

Francesca Tomasi's Independent Project, 2007

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  • Purpose: to test the effects of adding catalase to a catalase and hydrogen peroxide solution on the output rate of the reaction.
  • Hypothesis:¬†if the amount of¬†catalase in a solution is increased, then the reaction output will increase, but only up to a point.
  • Independent¬†Variable: the amount of catalase in the solution (2ml, 4ml, 6ml, 8ml, 10ml).
  • Dependent Variable: the output rate of the reaction; that is, how much oxygen was produced in the first minute of the reaction, based on the amount of catalase in the solution.
  • Constants: the temperature of the water used to dilute the catalase solution, the type of catalase used, the hydrogen peroxide used, the timer that was used, and the amount of hydrogen peroxide that was poured into each solution.

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