This League is a NO DRAFT, CAP or TRADES league that uses the DK Sports Action Baseball game to play Head to Head or computer simulated baseball games between its members.

Last year we used the 2007 BB Franchise All-Star disk for our season. Some of the owners felt that there were certain players left off the rosters that deserved to be there. I went back and looked over the previous 1999 BB Franchise disk and found out that there were players left off to put new more current players on teams. What I did was to combine both of those season disks to form teams with all the possible players that were on both disks. Now I am sure we all will have a few other players that we feel should be on the teams but..we can't have everyone there..not all players can be considered FRANCHISE players, so I have done my best to put together the teams with players that were on these teams more then 1 season and made major contributions to that team.

This year we will be using the combined 1999 & 2007 BB Expansion Franchise All Stars season disk from DK Sports with the reality mode set so that the game will generate all kinds of possibilities for the players..not just brute strength based on stats, so that all teams will have a possibility of winning.

We also will be using just the number of teams we get owners for..NO computer run teams. If we have 18 managers..we have 18 teams and will divise divisions and such to make it as close to real as we can get, but of coarse this is FANTASY..you would never see teams like this. So we are open as to what and where, teams and divisions are placed.

 These disks represents the greatest players

from all 30 MLB teams. From the starting years

of each baseball franchise up to the 2012


Each team has approx. between 55-70 players,

you will cut down to 44 of your choice and play

a season.

Thats right you have Ruth & Gerhig playing on

the Yankees with A-Rod & Jeter.

To join or if you have any question please send

me a email to kencasper1@att.net.

So please look over the owners page to see

what teams need managers & pick a team.


Ken Casper