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My main philosophical interests lie in ethics, particularly in meta-ethics, value theory, and the history of ethics.

Since September 2013 I am a Senior Research Fellow in Practical Philosophy at the Philosophy Department of the University of Tartu, Estonia. In 2017 I have received a four-year Exploratory Personal Research Grant from ETAg, for a project on "Practical Metaethics". In early 2013 I received a four-year Start-up Personal Research Grant from the Estonian Research Council, for a project on "The Unity of Normative Discourse". In 2010-13 I was a Mobilitas Postdoctoral Researcher at the same university. Previously I had lectured at the university of Reading (2008-9). I received my PhD in Philosophy in December 2007 from Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy. In 2007 I also received an MPhil from the University of Reading. I did my BA and MA at Università La Sapienza in Rome, during which I spent more than one year as a visiting student in Reading (yes, again), where I wrote most of my MA thesis.


I have taught on general meta-ethics, moral realism, value theory, Mill's utilitarianism, Hume's ethics, moral particularism, the philosophy and ethics of sexuality.

Here is a syllabus I have used for my meta-ethics courses, though I keep changing bits and pieces.

I enjoy supervising students in any of these and nearby areas. I currently supervise three PhD students: Karel Pajus (on Kantian Constructivism), Merike Reiljan (empathy and understanding), Stijn van Gorkum (ethical naturalism).

I have been the coordinator for BalPhiN (Baltic Philosophy Network).


In 2015 my book Value Theory was published by Bloomsbury. Here is a review by A. Garcia.


Some of the following articles can be found by clicking on the links below. Or feel free to email me for a copy. For abstracts see my page on PhilPapers.

And here is Krister Bykvist's reply to this paper.

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Here is a copy of my PhD thesis, "Normativity and Value", in which I critically examined the fitting attitude (or buck-passing) account of value and some of its rivals.

I will soon upload an updated CV.