Teaching Activity


2014 Spring      Course Title: STT-Soil Micromorphology (ARCH 367-5)                  
                     Institution: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby B.C.
                     Position: Professor

2013 Fall         Course Title:  Special Topics in Environmental Archaeology - Geoarchaeology (ARCH 329-3)                    
                     Institution: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby B.C.
                     Position: Professor

2013 Summer   Course Title:  Archaeological Science (ARCH 285-3)                    
                     Institution: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby B.C.
                     Position: Professor

2011 Spring     Course Title:  Archaeological Science (AR307)
                     Major: Archaeology
                     Institution: Boston University, Boston MA
                     Position: Lecturer

2009 Spring        Course Title:  Micromorphology of terrestrial sediments (AR515)

                    Major: Archaeology and Earth Science
                    Institution: Boston University, Boston MA
                    Position: Lecturer

2008 Fall         Course Title:  Geoarchaeology (AR509)
                     Major: Archaeology and Earth Science
                     Institution: Boston University, Boston MA
                     Position: Lecturer

2004/06          Course Title: “Chemistry for Cultural Heritage”,
                    Principal Lecturer : Dr M. Matteini, CNR ICVBC, Florence, Italy.
                    Degree: B.S. in Conservation Science, University of Bologna
                    Position: Laboratory instructor

2004/06          Course Title:  “Chemical and Microscopic Analytical Techniques ”,
                    Principal Lecturer : Prof R Mazzeo, Dept of Chemistry, University of Bologna, Italy.
                    Degree: Masters in Conservation Science, University of Bologna, Italy.
                    Position: Laboratory instructor


2014 Spring    Travis Freeland (PhD student), Archaeology, Simon Fraser University
                    Megan Thibodeau (MA student), Archaeology, Simon Fraser University                    
                    Crystal Loyer (Undergraduate), Archaeology, Simon Fraser University
                    Sara Bucci (Undergraduate), Archaeology, Simon Fraser University

2013 Fall        Jan Anderson (Undergraduate), Environmental Science, Simon Fraser University 

2012 Fall        Megan Thibodeau (Undergraduate), Archaeology, Boston University



Harris Greenberg     Boston University, ABD in Archaeology (Reader)

Tiziana Matarazzo     University of Connecticut, ABD in Anthropology (Reader)

Sarah Hlubik            Rutgers University, Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology (Reader?)

Bridget Alex             Harvard University, Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology (Adviser)

Stephanie Simms      Boston University, Ph.D. in Archaeology (2013) (Adviser)

Satoru Murata      Boston University, Ph.D. in Archaeology (2010) (Adviser)

Elizabeth Lavigne     Boston University, MA Geoarchaeology (2009) (Reader)

Undergraduate (Mentor or Reader)

Megan Thibodeau Boston University, UROP, Archaeology Major, Archaeological Science (2011 + 2012)

Kelly Lindberg         Boston University, IWD, Archaeology Major, Near East (2010)

Amanda Johnson         Boston University, IWD, Archaeology Major, Historical Archaeology (2010)

Michael Storozum Boston University, IWD, Archaeology Major, Mesoamerica (2009)

Brunella Santarelli Boston University, IWD, Double Major Chemistry-Archaeology (2009)

Michael Toffolo         Boston University, Directed Studies, Exchange Student, Geoarchaeology (2008)

Alison Devault         Boston University, IWD-UROP, Double Major in Biology-Archaeology (2007)