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GPS Worksheet

The purpose of this worksheet is to explore how location information is represented and also some Google maps functionality you might use in your apps. You'll be building apps with location-based information in the next couple of weeks. Work through the following questions and document your answers on a portfolio page. 

0. What does GPS stand for, who developed it and where does the data come from?
  • Global Positioning System, and it was developed by the US government's department of defense. The data comes from 24 orbiting satelites.  
1. What is latitude?
  • North/South position
2. What is longitude?
  • East/West position.
Now go to maps.google.com. There will be a small link on the left to maps labs. Click in, find the lat/long tooltip and enable it. After you do that, you can  hold the shift key down on a map and it will show lat/long on map. Use the map to answer the following questions:
3. What is the GPS location of your birthplace.
  • 36.99036, -121.9841
4. What is the GPS location of Harney Science Center.
  • 37.77683, -122.45109
5. What is the GPS location of Greenwich in the UK?
  • 51.479, 0.00
6. What is the GPS location of Quito, Ecuador?
  • -0.01, -78.47
7. Enter the following URL into a browser: 
What does it show?
  • Directions from Sacramento to Daly City.
8. Create a URL, like the one above, that shows a map from your hometown to your dorm/apt. in SF.
  • http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=36.99036, -121.9841&daddr=37.78030, -122.4653