I am 

  • a teacher of middle school students (Social Studies, English Language Arts, Computer Skills),
    Wordle about coursework

  • a teacher-trainer, providing support, guidance, encouragement, and resources for grade 6-12 teachers.

I have incorporated so much technology into my F2F middle school English classes that they have become blended (hybrid) classes. 

Prior to my 10 years of formal teaching experience, I spent decades helping adults make sense of information technology in banking, non-profit, and small business. 

My interest in teaching online lead to the
E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  This portfolio demonstrates my experience, competence, and desire to teach online.  The portfolio includes examples of work, tools used, and reflections about learning in the Certificate Program, and in the workplace.

- Frances Lo  

  You can reach me at:    francesblo at  comcast.net