Want a plot?

Information for prospective allotment holders

Where are Framfield Allotments?

In Hanwell, London W7. The allotments are tucked away on a large square block of land behind houses on Drayton Bridge Road, Dryden Avenue, Framfield Road and Browning Avenue. Click here for a map.

How big are the plots?

Plots are measured in poles. Originally a pole was a measurement of length equal to 5 metres (16.5 feet). However, in the allotment world a pole has come to refer not to a specific length but to an area of 25 square metres (270 square feet).

Each numbered block at Framfield Allotments is five poles, commonly referred to as a half plot. They are each approximately 125 square metres (1350 square feet), twice the size of a typical 11 metre (35 feet) surburban back garden.

How much space can I have?

In order to accommodate as many plotholders as possible, each new plotholder will be allocated one half plot, i.e. 5 poles.

How much does it cost?

Rent paid in October

Cultivation in

Rental per pole

Rental for half plot (5 poles)









There is a 50% discount for benefit claimants and pensioners.

What can I grow?

Fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs, and you can also keep bees, fowl and rabbits.

How much time will it take?

Allotments will absorb as much of your time as you can give! Don’t underestimate the amount of time it will take to get a plot into cultivation, especially if you are taking on an overgrown plot. Once a plot is cleared, allow several hours a week for maintenance and weeding, and (hopefully!) to harvest all of your lovely produce.

How do I get a plot at Framfield Allotments?

There is currently a waiting list. To get on the list, call site manager Tony Lewis on 07943 847130.