The modern fragrance industry gives you a huge variety of Women Perfume. Only brand fragrances are now more than 20,000. Each fragrance of Women Perfume – is a work of art, a concentration of the human passions. Revealing on the skin a unique combination of perfectly matched music, perfume tell the world your personal history.
Every woman is unique and charming; every woman has her own style and image. Of course, the image can be easily changed depending on the mood or situation, and in order to supplement or make it whole and complete, will help perfume. They can convey mood, character, tastes and status of the owner and create her unique style.
The correct fragrance – is delicious and sweet compliment to female beauty. It is believed that a good Women Perfume can not only smell the woman, but also leave a light, exciting and intriguing trail after her. This fragrance has a lot to tell about the preferences, character and even mood.
The first mention of perfume can be found in the history of ancient Egypt, when the composition of aromatic herbs were applied in religious rituals, as well as in the various drugs and women’s cosmetics. In the XV century BC women were using seductive aromas during intimate games.
Century gave way, and the secrets of perfume spread among people and countries. In the XVII century in Italy Dominican monks established the first factory for the production of perfume. Female perfume began to gain popularity in the XVIII-XIX centuries were 

basic doctrines of perfume science.
At the beginning of XX century fashion designers Paul Poiret and Gabrielle Chanel expanded their line of women’s clothing with brand fragrances. Today the undisputed world leader in the manufacture of Women Perfume is Paris.
About buying Women Perfume.
Having chosen yourself, for example, new shoes, you will surely come to the store to buy them a suitable bag. Women Perfume fragrance – it is also a kind of accessory, like shoes and handbags. Like a new hairstyle, perfume can instantly transform your look. Different-sounding female perfumes cause others to perceive you differently.
If the choice of perfume is based on the compatibility with the objects of your wardrobe, even in the most ordinary clothes, you can make a great impression. Buying perfumes in a different mood, it is easy to pick up a collection of women’s fragrances as unique and multifaceted, as you are – light and romantic, mischievous and unpredictable, simple and elegant.
Even if you buy a luxury perfume of premium class, expensive and trendy, you can make the wrong choice, because the perfume must fit the owner, his status, and general appearance, the time of day.
Like dresses and suits, all perfumes are divided into day and evening, and this nuance should be considered when buying and then using them. Even a very fashionable spicy aroma, obviously included in the evening class, it may be totally inappropriate for the outing or picnic.