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B) Research

Monitoring and disincentives in containing paid sick leave, December 2015.

The Power of Google Searches in Forecasting Unemployment (with J. Marcucci), December 2015.

A feasible unemployment-based shock absorber for the Euro Area (with A. Brandolini and F. Carta) forthcoming, Journal of Common Market Studies.

Immigration, Jobs and Employment Protection: Evidence from Europe before and during the Great Recession (with G. Peri), Online Appendix.
Journal of the European Economic AssociationVolume 12, Issue 2, pages 432–464, April 2014.
Featured in voxeu, the Economist (I), the Economist (II), Corriere della Sera.
The Labor Market Impact of Immigration in Western Germany in the 1990s. (with G. Ottaviano and G. Peri)
European Economic Review
, Elsevier, vol. 54(4), pages 550-570, May 2010.
Featured in Le Monde, voxeu and the Handesblatt.

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