I am deputy head of household and labor market division within the Economics, Statistics and Research Department of the Italian Central Bank.

My main research interests include labour/public economics and applied econometrics.

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Contact: francesco.damuri

[at] gmail.com

Brand new papers:

- Workforce Aging, Pension Reforms, and Firm Outcomes (with F. Carta and T. von Wachter), NBER WP 28407.

- Natural Unemployment and Activity Rates: Flow-based Determinats and Implications for Price Dynamics (with M. De Philippis, E. Guglielminetti and S. Lo Bello) Bank of Italy Occasional Paper 599.

Most cited articles:

- The Power of Google Searches in Forecasting Unemployment (with J. Marcucci),

International Journal of Forecasting, april 2017, Google scholar citations 460 IJF best paper prize for papers published in 2016-17.

- Immigration, Jobs and Employment Protection: Evidence from Europe before and during the Great Recession (with G. Peri),

Journal of the European Economic Association, april 2014, Google scholar citations 360

- The Labor Market Impact of Immigration in Western Germany in the 1990s. (with G. Ottaviano and G. Peri),

European Economic Review, may 2010, Google scholar citations 450