Tom Conally has been folding for 30 years 

 An original design.

Well it was original to me till I found out the following: 

        Gay Merrill Gross created and diagrammed this vase in 1995. It was published in the BOS Autumn 1997 Convention Book and in issue #22 of Origami Deutschland's magazine 'der falter,' in May 1997.

Thanks to the author for letting me know this.

conally vase diagram pdf

 Penguin Forum


Penguin Collage 16x20

Honorable mention, 06/08/08 Burlington (NC) Artist League Senior Competition

I took penguin forum, framed it and added origami penguins to enhance it

Ring Made from Mette units

Origami exhibit at the Eden, NC public library, Oct 2008

Culture Day at Alamance Community College 


Origami, Zen and the Entropy of the Universe