The John Kerry/John Edwards -- John Kennedy – Abraham Lincoln coincidences

1. John Kerry has the same initials as John Kennedy. (John F. Kerry & John F. Kennedy)

2. There is a double "r" in Kerry and a double "n" in Kennedy.

3. Kerry and Kennedy begins with "k" and end with "y".

4. Kennedy was born Massachusetts. Kerry represents Massachusetts.

5. Kennedy was Roman Catholic. Kerry is Roman Catholic.

6. People are saying that both John Kerry and John Edwards remind them of John and Robert Kennedy.

7. John Edwards gre up in Robbins, NC. The first letters are also short for Robert.

8. Kennedy has 7 letters and Edwards has 7 letters.

9. John Kennedy was a senator before being elected president and both Edwards and Kerry are senators.

10. There are a total of 3 senators running for president. (John Edwards, John Kerry & Joseph Lieberman) John Kennedy's father was named "Joseph".

11. John Kennedy's brother is named "Edward" Kennedy and he is endorsing John Kerry.

12. Edwards and Kerry both have the same first name (thats two Johns) John Kennedy's son was known as "John-John".

13. John Kennedy was known as "Jack". John Edwards has a son named "Jack".

14. John Kennedy had a sister named "Kathleen". John Edwards has a daughter named "Cathrine".

15. John Edwards has a mother named "Bobbie" and a father named "Wallace". Robert or "Bobby" Kennedy ran for president against George "Wallace" in 1968.

16. John Kennedy had a sister named Eunice "Mary" Kennedy. John Kennedy's mother was named Rose "Elizabeth" Fitzgerald. John Kennedy had a sister named Jean "Ann" Kennedy. The middle names of these women are the names of John Edward's wife. "Mary Elizabeth Anania Edwards".

17. Abraham Lincoln's Sister-in-law was also named "Elizabeth Edwards" Lincoln Wife was named "Mary Ann Lincoln"

18. Abraham Lincoln had two sons named “Robert” and “Edward” Robert (Lincoln’s son) married “ Mary Eunice Harlan” John Kennedy’s sister was named “Eunice Mary Kennedy”

19. (Lincoln’s son) Robert’s 2nd son Abraham was known as “Jack” just as John Kennedy and John Edward’s son.

20. Robert Kennedy had a daughter named Mary "Kerry" Kennedy.

21. The wives of Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy spoke fluent French. John Kerry's wife speaks fluent French.

22. Going to the moon was brought up during the Kennedy years. Going to the moon was brought up during John Edwards and John Kerry's campaign.

23. The two NFL teams that have made it to the 2004 super bowl are the Carolina Panthers of North Carolina and the New England Patriots of Massachusetts. John Edwards is senator for North Carolina and John Kerry is senator for Massachusetts.