Customer support calls...

These are articles I have found in forums about CS (customer support) reps giving their rants, or venting, or whatever you want to call it. I did not write these. I don't know of the person who wrote these. I just post them here because I work on a helpdesk and can somewhat relate.(I did edit these a little bit to make it work friendly as their were swear words and other not so friendly items, and to protect the identity of the company involved) So if you see a ______ that means its the Cell Phone provider and ***** represents, well you'll figure it out

I don't usually rant about my day at work cuz, hey, I chose to be CC for ______. But I just happened to have the absolute dumbest people call in today. 3 examples:

Customer Interation #1:

1. First lady bought a Moto V557 at retail price and wanted the subsidy unlock code to use on her _______ service (which she called her "primary" line). Supossedly she requested this in March, but no memos show this (of course). Anyway, she escalated a few days ago and the mgr submitted the form (again from what she said) and today she called in asking why she was denied.
I told her that our tech team has the code and would give it to her provided she brings her account current. She owed about $1300, $982 of which was past due. She demanded her code like she was a little kid and refused to pay until she got the code. Tech refused to give out the code unless she paid. She kept screaming and screaming and said she would just contact her lawyer and get a hold of our CEO to give her the code.

I just stayed silent and asked, "You're lawyer is going to get "can't mention name" to give you your subsidy unlock code?" To which she asked, "Who?", to which I replied, "Can't mention name", CEO of ________ Wireless."
She then said yes, that she would get her lawyer to do that. She stayed quite and I just said, "Ok, if that is the route you wish to take then that is your choice."
She then threatened to cancel her 6 lines. I said it would be cheaper to pay the past due ammount then to cancel. She then said she didn't care it was about principle and she would just do that.

She stayed quite. I asked if there was anything else. She demanded a manger and I said there would be a 10 min wait for one. She got mad and siad no, she would just contact her lawyer and that he would get her a supervisor.

Blank look on my face.... "Your lawyer is going to get a hold of my floor support and have them contact you?"
"Ok, then we will wait for your lawyer to contact us but it would be much easier if I just get him here now."
"Supervisor, Supervisor, Supervisor, Supervisor, Supervisor!!!!!!!!", she replied.

I swear, I placed her on hold for 1 minute and my manager came over right away but she hung up; only to call back and ***** out the next rep.

I called her back later and gave her the number to tier 2 to escalate with them which she did.... I never checked back to see what happened though..

Some customers... I swear... what the **** are they thinking?


Customer Interation #2:

2.Some man was going to the Philipines and wanted his phones unlocked so he could use a local carrier. SMART I think is the carrier.

Sure... I check his lines but he's got a Nokia 6010. Sorry sir, your phone will not work. He gets upset and says that we are just cheating him and forcing him to buy new phones.

I appologized and said that he needs to have a phone with the correct GSM frequency like his RAZR does.

He gets excited and asks if his RAZR will work and I tell him yes. He then wants the code for that.
I check his account and he meets all qualifications except he needs to pay his bill. Keep in mind he is leaving on Memorial Day and wanted it ASAP but he needed to pay first. He gets upset again and asks why should he pay since he just paid his bill. I tell him he did pay but that was the past due ammount and he has current charges.

He starts yelling at me and raher than fight, I call Tier 2 to see if they would help him to which their reply was no, they would need him to pay. I relay the info and he starts going into a cussing fit and yelling at me saying it's my fault and that I was just trying to screw him over, yada yada yada.

Anyway, he then proceeds to ask for my manager and I said sure I will get him, but tell him the wait time and he gets mad and says that we are just delaying him and that me and my manager were just probably some stupid kids that graduated from high school in Chihuahua, Mexico. Now, this guy is Hispanic and so am I so I don't see how or why he would use that as an insult but I ask him what he means by that to which he says we are just jerking him around and that he would rather just cancel.

I tell him I'll get him in touch with the department that can do that but he then says no that he just wants my name. I give him that. He wants my manager's name. I give him that. He wants my address where I work to lodge a complaint.

I tell him that we do not receive personal complaints here but I can give him the address in which he can send one or he can speak with my manager. He says NO, he wants my address and I tell him that he cannot send a complaint here. He then gets even more upset and says that his lawyer will be in touch.

I ask him what we did that was illegal to which he replies that he doesn't know but he and his lawyer will find something on me and ________ and sue us. I tell him that I have done nothing illegal and I am more than willing to try to help him but that I cannot force Tier 2 to release the subsidy code unless he pays, as they said he needed to.

He says that no we are cheats and he proceeds to insult me and my race (which is the same as his) and says that ________ are crooks and that his lawyer will be calling me and wants my extension. I have no extension. He says he needs one so that his lawyer will call me and sue me and the company.

I tell him that lawyers serve papers in this type of event. He asks, "What?" I repeat, lawyers serve papers, they do not contact the persn through the phone for this type of issue. Click... he hung up.

Due to policy, I call back and asked what had happened and he then goes into a rant and rave that I have no right to back talk him or correct him and that his lawyer is going to contact me and my manager and all other dumb Mexicans in my center and sue all of us. I let him rant all he wants and he then hangs up.

Two things:
1. My last name clearly shows I am of Hispanic decent. His does as well. Hell, he even has a heavy accent and still feels the need to call me and my co-workers dumb mexicans?
2. His ammount due was only about $60. He overpaid on his last payment. Had he paid that $60, Tier 2 said they'd give him the code... all that for nothing... could of made it easier...


Customer Interation #3:

I acctually have a better one to tell here than the one I was going to orginally post. This call took forever so this post might as well, haha.

Anyway, some girl calls in and after I verify the first thing she says is that her boyfriend did something that she does not agree with and wants to see if we can fix it.
She states that he lost his ________ 8125 and that even though he threatened to cancel and spoke to the SAVE team and accepted their offer on how to replace the phone (more on that in a bit), she thinks that in the long run that was a wrong decission on his part and wants a better deal. I hear a slight "Yeah!" in the background.

This isn't even her account. It's her boyfriend's and she wants a better SAVE team deal? So, from what she and the memos tell me is that her man accepted the SAVE team offer to extend his contract for 2 years and they will give him the _________ 8125 for $299.99. They even credited his account so that he will get 2 MONTHS of free service on both lines so that he can save some money to take this offer.

Her story? She states that they should get it for $50. Why? Apparently in April of this year, this guy upgraded his phone to a Nokia 6682. He did this over the phone with customer care. For whatever reason he decides to return the phone for the ________ 8125 but wants to get it at a store. Fine, we allowed him. On ?/5/06 he called in to confirm the phone was received by us and it was. On ?/9/06, he goes to a store to get the ________ 8125.

In the days between ?/5/06 and ?/9/06, he says that HE HIMSELF told us that he was going to purchase the ________ 8125. The telesales rep sees he has insurance and advises him to remove it. In fact, on 4/6/06, the same girl I'm talking to on the phone called in to remove insurance from her L7 and the other line since we told them that the ________ 8125 is not covererd. They even credited her account for he prorated charges of the insurrence on both phones. She knew that they didn't have insurrence.

Supposedly we never told the guy this. That's what she states. Even if we didn't, it's not our fault this stupid, imcompentant, poor excuse for a customer neglected to tell her man that, "Hey, you don't have insurrence anymore. I canceled it. Oops..."

All the while she's explaining this, I keep hearing "Yeah!" and "Tell him!". Later, she tells me to wait and puts the guy on the phone. Apparently he was giving her support to correct his mistake and got all ballsy and decided to speak to me directly.

His sob story? He needs the phone for business purposes. He's a musician. Without his phone he cannot perform for clients and will lose money. Either he's in a band or a disco or something but he's all mad. He states that he knew we were removing the insurrence on the Nokia 6682 but that he wanted to add it back on the ________ 8125.

Yes, he is that stupid to beleive that even though he was told to remove the insurance on the ________ 8125 when he told us that was the phone he was going to get.
He says, "Yeah man, I knew I turned it off on the NOKIA, not the ________ phone. When I turned in that phone I told them to remove everything assosciated with that line including all features. When I got to the ________ store, I wanted insurance back on."

Despite the fact he THINKS the insurance was still on, his girl still called in to remove it on both lines but looks like she never told him.

He then gets mad and says, "When did this happen?!"
I tell him, "A few days after you called in to confirm the Nokia was returned."

"Did I have the _______ 8125 on my account by then?!"

"No, sir, you didn't. The IMEI was changed on ?/9/06."

"So then how the **** could I request insurance to be taken off a phone that wasn't even in your system?!"

"Because you told us what phone you were going to get and we advised you to remove the insurance since it won't cover that phone."

"And did I?!"

"No, but your girlfriend did."

"Man, you leave her out of this! You ain't listening to me! How could you remove insurance on that phone if it wasn't in your system?! You see what I'm sayin'? You see what I'm sayin'?"

"Sir, you told us what phone you were going to exchange it for. It didn't have to be in our system yet since you already told us what phone you were getting."

"Man, you frustratin' me! You frusratin' me! You ain't listenin' to what I'm saying! Why would I remove insurance on that phone?! It's a damn $400 phone! I ain't that stupid. Are you?"

"No sir, I'm not. I would have kept the Nokia 6682. And I would have communicated better with my girlfriend since she seems to be the one that removed the feature and never told you. And even if YOU, yourself never removed it, we told you it had to be removed since it won't cover your ________ 8125. And even if you didn't listen to us, your girlfriend did."


It goes on like this for a while and I finnaly tell him that I nor my manager was going to get him the ________ 8125 for $50. Besides that, he already accepted the SAVE team offer and it was notated and that we cannot change that offer. At this time, we were 5 minutes untill closing and this guy wasn't letting up. All the while I'm hearing his stupid girlfriend yelling in the background that she never did this and that and only wanted insurance off of the L7.

He uses analogies up the *** about Cable TV and the
Cable company and about a car and the mechanic, and blah blah blah... I've heard them all before. Then he says that I can read him whatever ________ "Bible" was in front of me with P&P but the bottom line is that he is a contributing customer and we need to help him.

I kid you not, he acctualy said, "You know that fewest dropped calls thing you all advertise? I contribute to that. I'm all about that. I pay my bills... I, I, I ... I'm all about ________. I have a high dollar account that contributes to everything you do, man. Bottem line is that you ain't willing to help me and that ain't right man."

After going back and forth, he finnaly requests my supervisor and I'm 13 minutes past closing and upset that this guy isn't listening. I tell him that I will get my manager but that it is useless becasue if there was something that could be done about this we would have done it. If his business was so important then he should just get a basic phone that will receive calls so that his business will not be stopped. I then tell him that my manager is not going to give him a ________ 8125 for $50. It is not our fault he lost it. It is not our fault he didn't listen to us when we told him that insurance would not cover that phone. And it is certainly not our fault that his girlfriend removed insurance but never told him. And in the end in wouldn't matter because that phone IS NOT covered by insurance.

After about another 20 minutes waiting, my manager gets on the line, tells him everything I say but then says that she will talk to her manager and see what she can do but that she is not getting him the ________ 8125 for $50. In fact, she will contact the SAVE team to see if they can change their offer but since they were closed she will have to call them back. He goes on and on about we are screwing him and that it's about principle and that he should get what he paid for...
In the end, she took a call back number and is going to talk to him tomorrow to tell him the same thing....

I swear... some people.... told ya this one was long

In all honesty, I think he knows he messed up. His girlfriend knows she messed up. Now they were trying to lie their way to a cheap ________ 8125 but got the ________ hammer dropped on them instead.....


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