Fracking In Fermanagh

This film was facilitated with the participation of about fifteen young people and communities in Fermanagh. It explores the possible consequences of fracking in Fermanagh, and includes interviews with farmers, fishermen, tourism providers and community members. The key themes explored are the possible consequences of fracking on farming, tourism, employment, health, communities and the environment. Perspectives from Canada are provided through interviews with people who have experienced fracking in their own communities. The film then explores the Fermanagh District Council's position on fracking, before moving up to question the NI Assembly and international commentators.


No To Fracking is an open group of local people from the North Coast of Northern Ireland – across the counties of Antrim and Derry/Londonderry, from Ballycastle to Limavady – who are concerned that hydraulic fracturing will be used here to extract shale gas.

The NI Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment is paving the way for fracking. They are undertaking a public consultation. => DETI 2013

A fantastic description of what fracking is, how it works, and what it would mean for us is included in this presentation by Dr Aedin McLoughlin => Shale Gas Extraction: The Future for Northern Ireland