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Plans by Tamboran for Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Gas

From the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, ETI Committee Briefing, 21 June 2012:

1.5 Tamboran’s proposed work plan

Tamboran’s outline work programme is summarised in their Licence, Appendix B. The specific details are not yet developed although it is thought that they will shortly apply to DETI to drill a vertical stratigraphic borehole for rock sampling right through the section, perhaps to a depth of 1200 m. Their subsequent work programme will be predicated on the results of that borehole. From general discussions with the company GSNI believes the following may be proposed:

  • If the results of the stratigraphic test borehole are encouraging, Tamboran will apply for permission to construct an engineered ‘well pad’ and drill an exploration well. The well will be hydraulically fractured and gas production tested.

Petroleum License PL 2-10 (Lough Allen Basin-North) - Tamboran Resources Pty Ltd

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