Here, you can find some research material made available by the teams of the FBN consortium.
  • Team ARAMISAn Algebraic Topological Method for Multimodal Brain Networks Comparisons (Submitted 2015). The data and routines in Matlab format can be downloaded here
  • Team GIPSALab- Brain waver R package for functional brain connectivity analysis. The software can be downloaded here
  • Team ARAMIS - Large scale cortical networks during self paced finger movement (Chavez et al, Neuroinformatics, 2013). The data and routines in Matlab format can be downloaded here
  • Team Theoretical Neuroscience Group - The Virtual Brain software can be found here.
  • Team ARAMIS - Transfer function and firing dynamics of neocortical neurons before and after suppression of spontaneous synaptic activity in vivo (Altwegg-Boussac et al, submitted, 2013). A graphical interface with the Matlab routines can be downloaded here
  • Team ARAMIS - Matlab code for the non-linear coefficient h^2  (M Valencia, M Chavez, J Artieda, J. P Bolam, and J Mena-Segovia. "Abnormal functional connectivity between motor cortex and pedunculopontine nucleus following chronic dopamine depletion" J Neurophysiol 111: 434–440, 2014). The routine can be downloaded from here.
  • Team PARIETAL - Phyton routines for Machine Learning in Neuroimaging  can be found here