The FreeBorN (FBN) consortium is a free association of scientists working on the French territory. The consortium aims at promoting the interaction and visibility of the research teams studying brain connectivity and network theory.      

What's a brain network?

The brain can be conceived as a networked system composed of nodes coincident with different brain sites and links which in the current view can either represent anatomical tracts between brain regions or measures of statistical dependencies between their electrical activity. Recent evidences unveiled that the way brain regions are connected is typically neither regular nor random. Instead brain networks, like other real networked systems, tend to exhibit a complex structure theoretically consistent with the capability of processing information within regional clusters and avoiding excessive connections between clusters. An important goal in these research endeavors is to identify how brain network organization can inform our understanding of the brain's intuitive need to balance the two competing principles of integration and segregation and how alterations in brain structure and dynamics can lead to alterations in human behavior and cognitive function.

The list of the French teams constituting the FreeBorN (FBN) consortium. Specific information about each team can be found here.

A selection of recent publications from the scientific research of the FBN's teams.

Upcoming national and international events (e.g. conferences, shools, etc.) concerning topics related to brain networks.