Financial Support

There is a possibility of financial support for students and postdoctoral fellows to attend FPSAC 2017.
Any full-time student in good standing is eligible for consideration as are postdoctoral fellows. Top priority will be given to participants presenting talks or posters, with second priority to students who are co-authors of papers or posters to be presented at the conference. If funds remain, we will give consideration to other student or postdoc participants.

Please read the following details carefully, as they indicate important eligibility and application procedures.
Note that participants should also apply for funding from local sources and home institutions, as well as from any other conferences that they plan to attend in conjunction with FPSAC.
Support will partially cover travel, accommodation, and registration expenses. Recipients of NSF funding can be reimbursed for flights on US carriers only.


Applying for financial support

To submit an application for financial support, please email the following to with subject heading "FPSAC Financial Support application":

  1. download the FPSAC funding form and fill it in.  It's important to answer the questions on the form as funding from the National Science Foundation from the US (NSF) for eligible participants;
  2. a one page CV;  make sure this includes your contact information, your expected/past date (month/year) of your PhD award, the institution of your PhD, and your adviser/mentor's name;
  3. your adviser/mentor should email a supporting reference with subject heading "Reference for Candidate Name" to the above email address.