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C. Contributed Talks

Presenter in bold

The free boundary Schur process and applications
Dan Betea, Jeremie Bouttier, Peter Nejjar and Mirjana Vuletic

Fighting fish: enumerative properties
Enrica Duchi, Veronica Guerrini, Simone Rinaldi and Gilles Schaeffer

The m=1 amplituhedron and cyclic hyperplane arrangements
Steven Karp and Lauren Williams

The Waldspurger Transform of Permutations and Alternating Sign Matrices
James McKeown and Drew Armstrong

Pattern avoidance and fiber bundle structures on Schubert varieties
Edward Richmond and Timothy Alland

Pattern-Avoiding Polytopes
Robert Davis and Bruce Sagan

Toric arrangements associated to graphs: extended abstract
Marcelo Aguiar and Swee Hong Chan

Whitney Duals of Geometric Lattices
Rafael González D'León and Joshua Hallam

On tessellations of random maps and the -recurrence
Guillaume Chapuy

Khovanov's Heisenberg category, moments in free probability, and shifted symmetric functions
Henry Kvinge, Anthony Licata and Stuart Mitchell

The Weyl--Kac weight formula
Gurbir Dhillon and Apoorva Khare

Geometry of -Tamari lattices in types A and B
Cesar Ceballos, Arnau Padrol and Camilo Sarmiento

From dimers to tensor invariants
Chris Fraser, Thomas Lam and Ian Le

Infinitesimal change of stable basis
Eugene Gorsky and Andrei Negut

Dimer, crystals and quantum Kostka numbers
Christian Korff

A proof of the peak polynomial positivity conjecture
Alexander Diaz-Lopez, Pamela E. Harris, Erik Insko and Mohamed Omar

Set-Valued Skyline Fillings
Cara Monical

2-species exclusion processes and combinatorial algebras
Sylvie Corteel and Arthur Nunge

Rational lift of the combinatorial R-matrix
Gabriel Frieden

Slide polynomials
Sami Assaf and Dominic Searles

A representation-theoretic interpretation of positroid classes
Brendan Pawlowski

Stapledon decompositions, open polytopes and chromatic polynomials
Emerson Leon

Sweeping up zeta
Hugh Thomas and Nathan Williams

A counterexample to the extension space conjecture for realizable oriented matroids
Gaku Liu

Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials of matroids: a survey of results and conjectures
Katie Gedeon, Nicholas Proudfoot and Benjamin Young (accepted, but not attending)

Involution Schubert-Coxeter combinatorics
Zachary Hamaker, Eric Marberg and Brendan Pawlowski

On Q-deformations of Postnikov-Shapiro algebras
Gleb Nenashev and Anatol Kirillov

Unit Interval Orders and the Dot Action on the Cohomology of Regular Semisimple Hessenberg Varieties
Patrick Brosnan and Timothy Chow

Holey matrimony: marrying two approaches to a tiling problem
Tomack Gilmore