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D. Contributed Posters

Poster Session 1

A convolution formula for Tutte polynomials of arithmetic matroids and other combinatorial structures
Matthias Lenz and Spencer Backman

Jack characters and enumeration of maps
Agnieszka Czyżewska-Jankowska and Piotr Śniady

Crystal analysis of type Stanley symmetric functions
Graham Hawkes, Kirill Paramonov and Anne Schilling

Supercharacter theories of type A unipotent radicals and unipotent polytopes
Nathaniel Thiem

Tableau models for Schubert polynomials
Sami Assaf

The antipode of linearized Hopf monoids
Nantel Bergeron and Carolina Benedetti

Shifted Hecke insertion and -theory of
Zachary Hamaker, Adam Keilthy, Rebecca Patrias, Lillian Webster, Yinuo Zhang and Shuqi Zhou

Combalgebraic structures on decorated cliques
Samuele Giraudo

Minimal Length Maximal Green Sequences
Alexander Garver, Thomas Mcconville and Khrystyna Serhiyenko

Counting faces of nestohedra
Vladimir Grujić and Tanja Stojadinović

The 0-Rook Monoid and its Representation Theory
Joël Gay and Florent Hivert

Semi-Baxter and strong-Baxter permutations
Mathilde Bouvel, Veronica Guerrini, Andrew Rechnitzer and Simone Rinaldi

On universal quadratic identities for minors of quantum matrices
Vladimir Danilov and Alexander Karzanov

A Plancherel measure associated to set partitions and its limit
Dario De Stavola

Filters in the Partition Lattice
Dustin Hedmark and Richard Ehrenborg

Dominant maximal weights of highest weight module and Young tableaux
Se-jin Oh, Jang soo Kim and Kyu-Hwan Lee

Generating Asymptotics for factorially divergent sequences
Michael Borinsky

Multiplicative partition functions for reverse plane partitions derived from an integrable dynamical system
Shuhei Kamioka

Sorting via chip-firing
Samuel Hopkins, Thomas McConville and James Propp

Realizing Simion's type B associahedron as a pulling triangulation of the Legendre polytope
Gabor Hetyei, Margaret Readdy and Richard Ehrenborg

Double posets and the antipode of QSym
Darij Grinberg

Using rigged configurations to model
Ben Salisbury and Travis Scrimshaw

The Alternating Group Generated by 3-Cycles
Philippe Nadeau and Henri Mühle

Combinatorics of the categories of noncrossing partitions
Frédéric Chapoton and Philippe Nadeau

Torus link homology and the nabla operator
Andrew Wilson

Three-dimensional Catalan numbers and product-coproduct prographs
Nicolas Borie

Dual polar graphs, a nil-DAHA of rank one, and non-symmetric dual q-Krawtchouk polynomials
Jae-Ho Lee and Hajime Tanaka

Partially Magic Labelings and the Antimagic Graph Conjecture
Matthias Beck and Maryam Farahmand
Poster Session 2

On cycle decompositions in Coxeter groups
Thomas Gobet

Realization of Kirillov--Reshetikhin crystals for using Nakajima monomials
Travis Scrimshaw and Emily Gunawan

Refined Cyclic Sieving
Connor Ahlbach and Joshua Swanson

Patterns of Negative Shifts and Signed Shifts
Kassie Archer, Katherine Moore and Sergi Elizalde

Standard Tableaux and Modular Major Index
Joshua Swanson

Refined restricted inversion sequences
Dongsu Kim and Zhicong Lin

On a conjecture of Naito-Sagaki: Littelmann paths and Littlewood-Richardson Sundaram tableaux
Jacinta Torres

Congruences modulo cyclotomic polynomials and algebraic independence for q-series
Boris Adamczewski, Jason Bell, Eric Delaygue and Frederic Jouhet

A Remmel-Whitney rule for quasisymmetric Schur functions
Elizabeth Niese

Noncommutative free cumulants
Matthieu Josuat-Vergès, Frédéric Menous, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Jean-Yves Thibon

On some factorization formulas of K-k-Schur functions
Motoki Takigiku

Refined enumerations of alternating sign triangles
Florian Aigner

Enumerative properties of grid associahedra
Thomas Mcconville

The critical exponent: a novel graph invariant
Dominique Guillot, Apoorva Khare and Bala Rajaratnam

Block number of permutations and Schur-positivity
Eli Bagno, Ron Adin and Yuval Roichman

Building reverse plane partitions with rim-hook-shaped bricks
Robin Sulzgruber

The method of weighted words revisited
Jehanne Dousse

A puzzle formula for
Voula Collins

A necessary condition for c-Wilf equivalence
Tim Dwyer and Sergi Elizalde

On the growth of Kronecker coefficients
Emmanuel Briand, Amarpreet Rattan and Mercedes Rosas

Promotion, Evacuation and Cactus Groups
Stephan Pfannerer, Martin Rubey and Bruce Westbury

Pattern Posets
Jason Smith

Schur positivity and labeled binary trees
Ira Gessel, Sean Griffin and Vasu Tewari

Chromatic Quasisymmetric Functions of Directed Graphs
Brittney Ellzey

Infinite friezes of cluster algebras from surfaces
Emily Gunawan, Gregg Musiker and Hannah Vogel

Toggling Independent Sets of a Path Graph
Michael Joseph and Tom Roby

Dyck Paths and Positroids from Unit Interval Orders
Anastasia Chavez and Felix Gotti

Schur Function Expansions and the Rational Shuffle Conjecture
Dun Qiu and Jeffrey B. Remmel

A tropical isoperimetric inequality
Jules Depersin, Stephane Gaubert and Michael Joswig