Accepted Talks

Matrix product and sum rule for Macdonald polynomials
Luigi Cantini, Jan DeGier and Michael Wheeler

Cyclic inclusion-exclusion and the kernel of P-partitions
Valentin Féray

A non-partitionable Cohen-Macaulay simplicial complex
Art Duval, Bennet Goeckner, Caroline Klivans and Jeremy Martin

The generalized Gelfand--Graev characters of $\mathrm{GL}_n(\mathbb{F}_q)$ (extended abstract)
Scott Andrews, and  Nathaniel Thiem

Counting quadrant walks via Tutte's invariant method
Olivier Bernardi, Mireille Bousquet-Mélou and Kilian Raschel

Compatibility fans realizing graphical nested complexes
Thibault Manneville and Vincent Pilaud

The facial weak order in finite Coxeter groups
Aram Dermenjian, Christophe Hohlweg and Vincent Pilaud

Factorial Characters and Tokuyama's Identity for Classical Groups
Angele Hamel and Ronald King

A combinatorial approach to Macdonald q,t-symmetry via the Carlitz bijection
Maria Gillespie

Tropical Ideals
Diane Maclagan and Felipe Rincón

Dual Immaculate Quasisymmetric Functions Expand Positively into Young Quasisymmetric Schur Functions
Edward Allen, Joshua Hallam and Sarah Mason

Combinatorial description of the cohomology of the affine flag variety
Seungjin Lee

The Smith normal form distribution of a random integer matrix
Yinghui Wang and Richard Stanley

A triple product formula for plane partitions derived from biorthogonal polynomials
Shuhei Kamioka

The twist for positroids
Greg Muller and David Speyer

Monodromy and K-theory of Schubert curves via generalized jeu de taquin
Maria Gillespie and Jake Levinson

Staircase diagrams and the enumeration of smooth Schubert varieties
Edward Richmond and William Slofstra

Asymptotics of Bivariate Analytic Functions with Algebraic Singularities
Torin Greenwood

Diagonally and antidiagonally symmetric alternating sign matrices of odd order
Roger Behrend, Ilse Fischer and Matjaz Konvalinka

Cataland: Why the Fuss?
Christian Stump, Hugh Thomas and Nathan Williams

Refined dual stable Grothendieck polynomials and generalized Bender-Knuth involutions
Pavel Galashin, Darij Grinberg and Gaku Liu

Relaxations of the matroid axioms I: Independence, Exchange and Circuits
Jose Samper

Rhombic alternative tableaux, assembl\'{e}es of permutations, and the ASEP
Olya Mandelshtam and Xavier Viennot

Counting connected graphs with large excess
Élie de Panafieu

Quasi-isomorphisms of cluster algebras and the combinatorics of webs
Chris Fraser

Affine type A geometric crystal structure on the Grassmannian
Gabriel Frieden

A bijective proof of Macdonald's reduced word formula
Benjamin Young, Sara Billey and Alexander Holroyd

Accepted Posters

Order Filter Model for Minuscule Plucker Relations
David Lax

Rectangular Young tableaux and the Jacobi ensemble
Philippe Marchal

Schur-positivity via products of grid classes
Sergi Elizalde and Yuval Roichman

Brick polytopes, lattices and Hopf algebras
Vincent Pilaud

Almost simplicial polytopes: the lower and upper bound theorems
Eran Nevo, Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio, Julien Ugon and David Yost

A two-sided analogue of the Coxeter complex
Kyle Petersen

Symmetric Chain Decompositions and the Strong Sperner Property for Noncrossing Partition Lattices
Henri Mühle

Asymptotics of lattice walks via analytic combinatorics in several variables
Stephen Melczer and Mark C. Wilson

New hook-content formulas for strict partitions (extended abstract)
Guo-Niu Han and Huan Xiong

Separation of Variables and the Computation of Fourier Transforms on Finite Groups, II
David Maslen, Daniel Rockmore and Sarah Wolff

A Formula for the Möbius Function of the Permutation Poset Based on a Topological Decomposition
Jason Smith

Schur polynomials and matrix positivity preservers
Alexander Belton, Dominique Guillot, Apoorva Khare and Mihai Putinar

From generalized Tamari intervals to non-separable planar maps (extended abstract)
Wenjie Fang and Louis-François Préville-Ratelle

On intervals of the consecutive pattern poset
Sergi Elizalde and Peter R. W. McNamara

A noncommutative geometric LR rule
Vasu Tewari, Steph van Willigenburg and Edward Richmond

On trees, tanglegrams, and tangled chains
Sara Billey, Matjaz Konvalinka and Frederick Matsen

Slicings of parallelogram polyominoes, or how Baxter and Schroder can be reconciled
Mathilde Bouvel, Veronica Guerrini and Simone Rinaldi

Fourientation activities and the Tutte polynomial: Extended abstract
Spencer Bachman, Sam Hopkins, and Lorenzo Traldi

A bijection for nonorientable bipartite maps
Jeremie Bettinelli

Maximal green sequences for arbitrary triangulations of marked surfaces
Matthew Mills

Rational Shi tableaux and the skew length statistic
Robin Sulzgruber

On (non-) freeness of some tridendriform algebras
vincent vong

Cumulants of Jack symmetric functions and $b$-conjecture (extended abstract)
Maciej Dołęga and Valentin Féray

Elliptic rook and file numbers
Michael Schlosser and Meesue Yoo

Scheduling Problems and Generalized Graph Coloring
John Machacek

GL(n, q)-analogues of factorization problems in the symmetric group
Joel Lewis and Alejandro Morales

Normal Supercharacter Theory
Farid Aliniaeifard

Decomposition of the product of a monomial and a Demazure atom
Anna, Ying Pun

A type B analog of the Lie representation
Andrew Berget

Symmetric matrices, Catalan paths, and correlations
Bernd Sturmfels, Emmanuel Tsukerman, and Lauren Williams

Oriented flip graphs and noncrossing tree partitions
Alexander Garver and Thomas McConville

An equivalence of multistatistics on permutations
Arthur Nunge

A Hopf algebra of subword complexes (Extended abstract)
nantel bergeron and Cesar Ceballos

The number of corner polyhedra graphs
Clément Dervieux, Dominique Poulalhon and Gilles Schaeffer

Symmetric Fundamental Expansions to Schur Positivity
Austin Roberts

Links in the complex of weakly separated collections(Extended Abstract)
Suho Oh and David Speyer

Partially Magic Labelings and the Antimagic Graph Conjecture
Matthias Beck and Maryam Farahmand

Asymptotic laws for knot diagrams
Harrison Chapman

On q-integrals over order polytopes
Jang soo Kim and Dennis Stanton

Total positivity for the Lagrangian Grassmannian
Rachel Karpman

The colored symmetric and exterior algebras
Rafael González D'León

McKay Centralizer Algebras
Thomas Halverson and Georgia Benkart

Intersections of Amoebas
Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke and Timo de Wolff

A combinatorial analysis of Severi degrees
Fu Liu

Yang-Baxter basis of Hecke algebra and Casselman's problem (extended abstract)
Maki Nakasuji and Hiroshi Naruse

Non-representable hyperbolic matroids
Nima Amini and Petter Brändén

Krasiewicz-Pragacz modules and Pieri and dual Pieri rules for Schubert polynomials
Masaki Watanabe

Minimal factorizations of a cycle: a multivariate generating function
Philippe Biane and Matthieu Josuat-Vergès

The Delta Conjecture
James Haglund, Jeffrey Remmel and Andrew Wilson

Strange Expectations
Marko Thiel and Nathan Williams

Fully packed loop configurations: polynomiality and nested arches
Florian Aigner

Extending the weak order on Coxeter groups
François Viard

Combinatorial descriptions of the crystal structure on certain PBW bases
Ben Salisbury, Adam Schultze and Peter Tingley

Asymptotics of polygons in restricted geometries subject to a force
Nicholas R. Beaton, Christine E. Soteros and Jeremy Eng

Non-ambiguous trees: new results and generalization
Jean-Christophe Aval, Adrien Boussicault, Bérénice Delcroix-Oger, Florent Hivert and Patxi Laborde Zubieta

Matrix-Ball Construction of affine Robinson-Schensted correspondence
Michael Chmutov, Pavlo Pylyavskyy and Elena Yudovina

Defining amplituhedra and Grassmann polytopes
Steven Karp

The Mixing Time for a Random Walk on the Symmetric Group Generated by Random Involutions
Megan Bernstein

The flag upper bound theorem for 3- and 5-manifolds
Hailun Zheng

Weak Separation, Pure Domains and Cluster Distance
Miriam Farber and Pavel Galashin

Quasisymmetric functions from combinatorial Hopf monoids and Ehrhart Theory
Jacob White

A lattice point counting generalisation of the Tutte polynomial.
Amanda Cameron and Alex Fink

Some results on counting roots of polynomials and the Sylvester resultant.
Michael Monagan and Baris Tuncer

Hyperplane arrangements and stopping times.
Evita Nestoridi

Noncrossing partitions, toggles, and homomesies
David Einstein, Miriam Farber, Emily Gunawan, Michael Joseph, Matthew Macauley, James Propp and Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo

Continued Classification of 3D Lattice Models in the Positive Octant
Axel Bacher, Manuel Kauers and Rika Yatchak

Sabine Beil

Plane partitions and the combinatorics of some families of reduced Kronecker coefficients.
Laura Colmenarejo

Resonance in orbits of plane partitions
Kevin Dilks, Oliver Pechenik and Jessica Striker

Hook-length formulas for skew shapes
Alejandro Morales, Igor Pak and Greta Panova

The Prism tableau model for Schubert polynomials
Anna Weigandt and Alexander Yong

Parking functions, tree depth and factorizations of the full cycle into transpositions
John Irving and Amarpreet Rattan

A dual approach to structure constants for K-theory
Pat Shields, Jennifer Morse and Huilan Li

Toric matrix Schubert varieties and root polytopes (extended abstract)
Laura Escobar and Karola Meszaros

The configuration space of a robotic arm in a tunnel of width 2.
Federico Ardila, Hanner Bastidas, Cesar Ceballos and John Guo

Parabolic double cosets in Coxeter groups
Sara Billey, Matjaz Konvalinka, T. Kyle Peterson, William Slofstra and Bridget Tenner

Rational Dyck Paths in the Non Relatively Prime Case
Eugene Gorsky, Mikhail Mazin and monica vazirani

The topology of the external activity complex of a matroid.
Federico Castillo, Jose Samper and Federico Ardila

Categorifying the tensor product of the Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystal $B^{1,1} $ and a fundamental crystal
Henry Kvinge and Monica Vazirani