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2000 - 2006 Vodafone

Permanent employment by Vodafone Hungary
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Position: OSS Administrator
Duration: November, 2000 - December, 2006

  • Maintain Nokia OSS (NMS/2000, later OSS3.1) system for Vodafone Hungary
  • Perform administration of the Nokia NetAct System
  • Maintain the HP OpenView Operations and HP TeMIP systems
  • Perform system administrator tasks on UNIX (HP-UX, Sun, Linux) and Microsoft Windows systems
  • Perform administration of the TCP/IP network
  • Perform administration of the ORACLE database
  • Manage Traffica, NDW, NMS/10, different BTS and transmission equipment management systems
  • Operate and maintain Siemens Radio Commander
  • Integrate different platforms to the management systems
  • Take part in the development projects (making tools to make O&M activities easier) 
  • Develop SQL scripts, Shell scripts, Perl programs
  • Handling and supervising of Trouble Tickets
  • Call-out duty for the management systems from 2002-2006