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2007 - 2008 NSN

Client: NSN, Bulgaria Care team / Project Support
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Position: OSS Support Engineer
Duration: October, 2007 - December, 2008

  • Provide System Administration & Technical support for the Nokia OSS4 platform
  • Support HW and SW management of OSS4
  • Maintenance of application systems and databases
  • User security management
  • O&M Network Configuration
  • Provide Impact analysis of all WOs/Change Requests/Planned Works related to OSS4 configuration and performance
  • Provide support for integration of 2G/3G/PaCo Network Elements into NetAct (BSC, RNC, Nemu, MSS, WBTS, GGSN, 3GSGSN, Node Manager)
  • Provide support for integration of 3rd party elements into NetAct
  • Work together with other vendors
  • Handling of Electra/Resolve cases
  • Provide support for Traffica project
  • Provide support for Data-Protector implementation and configuration
  • Provide support for Ericcson Minilink Project
  • Support for planning OSS related products
  • Preparing reports for O&M personnel
  • Preventative system checks
  • Competence transfer to other NSN Engineers