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2009 - 2010 EADS

Client: EADS Defense and Security (BOSNet)
Location: Germany
Position: NetAct Expert
Duration: March, 2009 - August, 2010

  • Managing of 7 NetAct platforms (2 x NA4T V5 DR systems, 2 x NA4T V4 installation, 1 x NA4T Micro HW)
  • Provide support for migration of data from NetAct for Tetra V4 to V5 platform
  • Testing of V5 platform
  • Support of V5 installation
  • Integrating various network elements to NetAct V5 (DXTs, CDDs, ATSs, TCSs, DN2s, Q1 Agents and nodes)
  • Support for higher level management system integration (Tivoli Netcool)
  • Managing Disaster Recovery system
  • Testing of overall Disaster Recovery solution
  • Delivering “Troubleshooting NetAct” workshops for other colleagues
  • Providing technical support for Rollout activities
  • Mass network element integration (hundreds of different network elements)
  • Executing system acceptance tests according to customer requirements
  • Verifying parameters of network elements against planning data
  • Implementing integration methods of not supported network elements to NetAct using SNMP
  • Implementing supervision of different server platforms and HW (Windows, Unix, Linux, Cisco IOS, EMC, SAN switches, Sun Solaris servers, HP Bladecenters)
  • Verifying planning of system architecture
  • Installing CDs, TNs, patching softwares
  • Supporting of release upgrades
  • Enhancing NetAct software according to customer needs
  • Analyzing software malfunctions
  • Handling customer problems
  • Troubleshooting