Identification and classification of aquatic microscopic organisms is a great satisfaction to all the fans for the observation and study of microscopic life. There are many great atlas with pictures of almost all aquatic organisms.

Many microorganisms have great flexibility so its appearance is
constantly changing, making very difficult the correct identification with only one image. Currently, there is very little or no information to show us these live microorganisms, allowing us to observe its structure, nutrition and mobility.

This website aims to fill this lack of information, showing the microorganisms in their "natural state".
The website is divided into different genres (algae, amoebas, ciliates, rotifers, tecamoebas, etc...), and within each gender, a short video of the different species.
The content of this website will be gradually expanded with new and different species.

There is also, a section "OMNI" (Unidentified microscopic organism) which shows organisms currently unidentified.

I claim that this is a website open to any corrections, information or opinions of the users. Therefore, via e-mail, you can contact the author. Indicate, finally, that all the videos linked on this page are owned by the author of the web, Francisco Pujante.