Welcome to the group of Single-molecule angular dynamics.

We are part of the Single-molecule Biophysics Department at the Centre de Biochimie Structurale (CBS), in Montpellier, France. 

Our research group has been established on Jan. 2013, aiming to develop novel tools in single-molecule manipulation and detection to unravel new interesting dynamics in biological systems. 

We focus on angular manipulation at the single-molecule level using novel optical and magnetic tweezersWe use these and other techniques to study the rotation of the flagellar motor in E.coli.


June 2018. Our paper in collaboration with Martin Depken's group at TUDelft is accepted in Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys.

May 2018. Welcome to Younes Babaaziz (stage Master 1, UM).

Feb. 2018. A work on Allan variance in torque spectroscopy, in collaboration with N.Dekker at TUDelft, is accepted in Bioph.Journal.

Oct. 2017. Our paper on the mechano-sensitivity of the Bacterial Flagellar Motor has been accepted in PNAS. 

Oct. 2017. Our article on the impact of fluorescent proteins fused on the stators of the Bacterial Flagellar Motor is online.

Mar. 2017. Welcome to Rodolphe Moti (stage Master 1, in collaboration with C.Coillot L2C Montpellier), and Eliana Battistella (Master, Univeristà di Bologna).

Feb. 2017. Welcome to Emilie Gachon (stage Master 2).

Nov 2016. Congratulations to Millie for her PhD.

Nov 2016. Our article on Flagellar Motor pauses is online, as well as a book chapter on OTW design and calibration.

Aug 2016. Our article about a novel nano-fabrication of the birefringent cylinders for the OTW is accepted in JM3.

Fev 2016. Welcome to Rudy Desgarceaux (stage Master 2 in collaboration with Benoit Charlot at IES) and Simon Buy (stage Master 2 in collaboration with Christophe Coillot at L2C).

Nov 2015. Welcome to Emilie Gachon (stage Master 1).

Oct 2015.  ABC news (Australia) and CBC news (Canada) talk about Ashley's work: "Sound of bacteria swimming synthesized by scientists".

May 2015. Article in PRL, and welcome to Yan Valette (stage).

March 2015. Welcome to Afaf Meghit (stage, in collaboration with Benoit Charlot).

Feb 2015.
Article in Chem.Rev.

Jan 2015
Welcome to Charles de Marin (stage) and Florian Morati (stage).

Aug 2014
Article in Plos One.