What is Reformed and Presbyterian?

We are committed to Reformed theology commonly referred to as Calvinism, emphasizing the sovereignty of God in creation, providence, and salvation and the trustworthiness of Scripture. This is Biblical historic Christianity.

We hold to Constitutional Presbyterianism which is nothing other than the Reformation principle of Scripture alone applied to church polity.  The court system of presbytery polity is available when needed but fellowship is the main emphasis. Essentially, the power of the court is to declare law rather than legislate.  Procedural church discipline is most successful when achieved privately, locally, patiently, and gently. It should be extremely rare that a discipline matter comes to presbytery and in such cases there should be many tears and a sense of profound failure at not resolving the discipline matter at the local level. The preaching of the Word, the Sacraments, and the living of the Word should be viewed as the most common form of church discipline [ as a form of ‘education’]. Church discipline includes the receiving of members. Church discipline is an exercise of ‘the power of the keys’. But a "litigious" disposition should be discouraged so that discipline can be more easily accomplished in a brotherly spirit. Church discipline is for the glory of God, the good of the church, and the reclaiming of the sinner.