ARTICLES OF INTEREST (Mostly from Blue Banner)

First Presbyterian Church of Rowlett, TX and the successor name, Faith Presbyterian Church Reformed, have published thousands of pages of articles since 1992. Early in 1990 FPCR began what we called "The Blue Banner BBS" or Bulletin Board System. We had zipped text files back in those days of 1200 baud connections. We took our BBS onto the internet via the old FIDO messaging system and eventually we went directly to the internet with the registration of our domain name in 1996. We have been the clearing house for literally "gigabytes" of articles over the past 18 years. This has made it very difficult for us to keep all the articles in an easily and intuitively arranged filing system online. This is our most recent attempt to do this. We link to our audio hosted at the Thus all the storage here at FPCR.ORG is taken up with PDF formatted e-books and other PDF and HTML articles that we believe to be of some enduring interest to the Christian or Reformed public. Some are original or were written for The Blue Banner. Others are public domain, are used by permission, or are classics that we believe deserve to remain available. The interactive links to the left should give the reader an idea of what subject will be covered in the addressed portion of the directory.