My research follows two different directions. I am interested in the emerging field of topological data analysis and persistent homology which is a very active subfield of algebraic topology. Apart from that I am interested in applied questions related to uniform distribution of point sets, pseudorandomness and quasi-Monte Carlo integration.

I am interested in the very basic question of how to distribute points in a uniform manner in squares, on spheres or on more complicated shapes. Apart from that I enjoy to work on interdisciplinary projects with other scientists (such as biologists) in which the aim is to get geometric information about real world objects from digital images.

Publications in peer reviewed journals

            J23.       Greedy energy minimization can count in binary: Point charges and the van der Corput sequence. Submitted. arXiv

            J22.       (with D. Gomez-Perez, J. Gonzalez-Villa) Estimation of volume using the nucleator and lattice points. To appear, Image Anal. Stereol.     

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            J20.       (with U. Bauer) Persistent Betti numbers of random Cech complexes. Submitted. arXiv

            J19.       (with D. Vartziotis) On the symmetry of finite sums of exponentials. To appear, Elemente der Mathematik.  arXiv

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            J12.       Bounds for the traveling salesman paths of two-dimensional modular lattices. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization(33) 2017, 1378-1394. arXiv


            J11      An accurate heuristic for a problem of Shparlinski. Experimental Mathematics (26) 2017, 72-76.


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            J8.        Uniformly distributed sequences in the orthogonal group and on the Grassmannian manifold. To appear, Math. Comput. Simulation. arXiv

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            J1.         (with W. Ch. Schmid) A good permutation for one-dimensional diaphony. Monte Carlo Methods Appl.(16) 2010, 307-322.

Publications in conference proceedings

        C3.         (with A. Topuzoglu) Permutations of finite fields and uniform distribution modulo 1. 

                       Algebraic Curves and Finite Fields,edited by H. Niederreiter, A. Ostafe, D. Panario and A. Winterhof,Radon Series on Applied and Computational Mathematics16 (2014), 145-160.

        C2.         Van der Corput Sequences and Linear Permutations.

                       Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics (43) 2013, 43-50. (Abstract for Erdös Centennial)

        C1.         (with W. Ch. Schmid) On the Asymptotics of a Lower Bound for the Diaphony of Generalized van der Corput Sequences. 

                       Monte Carlo Methods and Applications, Proceedings of the 8th IMACS Seminar on Monte Carlo Methods, Borovets 2011, edited by K. Sabelfeld and I. Dimov (2012), Chapter 18, 163-169.


        T2.         On the approximation of intrinsic volumes. PhD thesis, IST Austria, 2015.


        T1.         Discrepancy of generalised van der Corput sequences. MSc thesis, University of  Salzburg, 2011.

Non Scientific Publications

        N3.         Löcher in der Mathematik. Invited article for the proceedings of the Gesprächswoche 2017 of Forum St. Stephan.


        N2.         Instant Insanity und andere wahnsinnig schwere Probleme. Contributed article for the proceedings of the Proscientia Summer Academy 2014, Mariazell, Austria.


        N1.         Revolutionen in der Mathematik. Contributed article for the proceedings of the Proscientia Summer Academy 2013, Szombathely, Hungary.