We designed a railrider for the specific purpose of recording video images similar to those on the train, with three synchronized cameras, in the track to be flooded (images for the simulator). The platform is powered by two bicycles and it has been designed to be easy to fit the bicycles.
Several trials allowed progressive improvements. This page is the memory of those trials.
For each trial, a collection of photos (Picasa Web Album) and a video (YouTube) are presented, except for collection zero (only photos).

5. 28 December 2011, trial from S. Lourenço to Santa Luzia stations: running smoothly. 

4. 22 October 2011, trial in Brunheda, with a team of students from EDAM MIT Portugal PhD program.

3. 9 October 2011, trial in S. Lourenço; improving.

2. 11 August 2011, trial in S. Lourenço: better, but improvements still needed.

1. 24 July 2011, first trial in Brunheda: not a fiasco, but not a success. Too much "precision" for a rail track in very bad shape.

0. 17 July 2011, Paredes de Coura: assembling and discussing the railrider