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The brochure for next Conference is available here.
Preliminary information about the papers to be presented and discussed in the meeting has been posted. The usual information about the weekend program, logistics and hospitality have been updated. Detailed program for the sessions will be released later.
We keep the same model of the previous conferences, that seems to have been very successful. We hope this last event of the cycle of International Conferences under FOZTUA project will continue (and improve!) the previous experiences.
Marta Meira will be again in charge of the logistics and contacts. She is available in Do not hesitate to contact her, including questions about flights, reservations and hotels. 
See you in Foz Tua, next October.


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Information about 2012 Conference is now being released through postings in Workshop2012 webpage (see lateral menu).
List of papers and authors is available here and program is posted here. Updated information about hotels is here.
Updates will follow during September, until the event. Please check the site for updates.
Instructions for authors will be mailed in the next few days.
Marta Meira will be again in charge of the logistics. She is available in Do not hesitate to contact her, including questions about flights and reservations, and hotels. We need to know if you come alone or with some one else,
We expect to receive draft papers (minimum: extended abstract plus ppt presentation) until 25 September, in order to post it in the conference website. Final paper for publication will be due until end of 2012 year.
We expect this year Conference to be again a nice opportunity to network and to enjoy the unique environment of Tua Valley.

2012 FOZTUA CONFERENCE: 5 - 6 - 7 OCTOBER 2012

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Some news about our second FOZ TUA Conference (2012):

- dates are now defined: next 5-6-7 October (same week last year), in the same place. People are expected to arrive on Porto during 4, and to go by train to Foz Tua. Conference format for sessions will be similar: (hard) work during friday and saturday, visits sunday morning, and return to Porto along sunday. We expect to mail the new brochure and more details in the next few weeks.
- Papers for this year are expected to give more importance to Tua line and Tua valley, and railways in peripheral and mountainous regions (XIX century) (business, technological and management challenges). We will work with each one of you in order to plan new contributions, and be we will be happy to match the interests of portuguese and foreign researchers in joint papers. Of course, suggestions very much welcomed.

A conference proceedings book with last year papers is now under preparation and expected to have an edition released until end of August (around 500 pages). We need your help about your paper: please let me know if you want to make any revision of the original paper, and please send it in doc (word) format, if available. That will make our life easier. Please do it until end of APRIL.
Meanwhile we are also looking for an opportunity to publish the full collection (three years) with an international editor.


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Weather seems to be very promising during the full weekend: mild hot and hot. Expect around 30 degrees celsius in Foz Tua.
Please note that Symington house, where working sessions will happen, has no air conditioning facilities. But I expect we will survive well. I suggest light garments.
Dressing code: casual, of course.


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Meeting point is in the lobby of the new Intercontinental Hotel (in city center: Palacio das Cardosas, see here), from 15:00 hr to 16:00 hr, 6th October

Train will departure at 16:40 from São Bento station to Campanhã Station (around 10 minutes) and then to Foz Tua along Douro rail line (more here)

From airport to meeting point: taxi, or METRO (see here)

Meeting point in FOZ TUA is dinner in the restaurant Calça Curta, in Foz Tua, just in front of the rail station, 8.00 pm. Hotels will be allocated there. Transportation from there to the hotels will be available.

May you need any help, call +351.968049050 (Eduardo Beira)


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Welcome to our website about 2011 FOZTUA workshops.

We hope you can find here the information you may need about our 2011 Workshop, next 7-8-9-October.
May you need any more information, please contact us:
See "workshop2011" (left menu) for details and program, including some information about traveling (in and out of Foz Tua). List of papers and authors is posted, with abstracts and short cvs.
The detailed timetable of presentations will be posted soon (expected until 15th September).
Remaining abstracts and full papers will be posted as received.
Please let us know if you need some special arrangements. May you need vegetarian food, please let us know.

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