Marcie Of The Sundering

After a bit of construction with RPG Maker for Revolver Princess, I felt that I really need to learn more about the RPG Maker program works, all of its ins and outs, and all of the customization features before I go into anything serious.  This requires me to do more than just watch tutorials and search the web on how-to sites; I needed something I can be hands-on with, a sort of playtest world I can use to get the experience I need, where I don't have to do anything more extravagant in the flavor and focus more on the mechanics I'll be using.

That's when I realized something with my D&D experience thus far.  At the core, I'm using the Forgotten Realms setting to learn how to DM and learn some good worldbuilding chops before I make my own D&D worlds.

I can do the same with RPG Maker.  I can make a project that is set in the Realms—this project isn't going to be commercial anyway—so that I can focus more on the Mechanics rather than the flavor.  Also, there's a story I needed to focus more and I felt that it suits a RPG better than a novel.

Hence the creation of this project.  It's basically a fanwork game set in the Forgotten Realms, using the same Fair Use Laws that apply to Fanfiction, fanart, and other derivative works.  The game will also be considered cannon for my personalized version of the Forgotten Realms, which I use for my D&D games.

The Story

The story behind this project comes in two parts:  One is the "Marcie of the Sundering" story I've been simmering for some time.  It's a take on the 80s D&D cartoon where a group of kids got spirited away to an generic D&D world.  Only in my case, the kids are separated at first—they don't know each other even before their arrival.  Also, they arrive in the Forgotten Realms, which has a richer environment and the possibility for multiple "Dungeon Master" characters.  Imagine having Elminister, Isteval, and Drizzt Do'Urden meeting up with those kids instead of the yoda-like hobbit in a robe.

Take that proverbial sundae and add this cherry:  Some of them have no desire to return to their home world.

Like Marcie Wisdomtouch, the main PC in this game.  She's a teenage girl who lost her parents at a young age, and pretty much languished in the Foster Care system.  Her only source of confidence and attachment is the Wizards of the Coast flagship game.  When she only saw a life of emptiness, loneliness, and family-less-ness she wished that she could have her live over, even if it means finding that Dungeons & Dragons ride and…

You can guess what happens to her in the opening sequence.

She finds herself in Eveningstar, Cormyr, at the start of the Sundering Era.  Fortunately for her, the villagers found her where she fell and took her in, especially an elvish seer named Silverskin Wisdomtouch who adopted her.  This adoption if nothing else made Marcie settle into Eveningstar as her forever home, regaining her childhood where she can learn how to become an adventurer herself.  She becomes an Arcane Archer, a wizard like her mother but she uses a bow to shoot spell-infused arrows.

This point of view remains as Marcie experiences firsthand the second story I'm putting in there:  DDO's Menance of the Underdark.  At first I made the DDO module itself cannon in my personal Realms, but not I'm factoring out the Eberron influence and keeping the whole thing in Toril.  In place of the DDO PCs, I replaced one of my own factions created by Drizzt Do'Urden gathering all the like-minded dark elves together to form their own Drow House.  Led by a goddess who is what Lolth was before she became a Demon Queen of Spiders.

During the series of 'modules' that emulate most of the DDO quests—including a rendition of the Haunted Halls—Marcie sees all this going on, and even have a House Neo-Durdren member in her party, as the Drow of the Underdark make their attack on the surface to ensure Lolth being the official "Mistress of Magic."  Since these quests have already been designed, I can make a recreation of them in RPG Maker for the hands-on experience, which is why I'm making this project.

Since this is intended to be a non-commercial fanwork that is clearly labeled as an project used for educational purposes—I'm learning RPG Maker with this—I doubt I'll get any grief from WotC.  (Maybe the project would even give me some opportunity to work for the company, which is why I'll share it on my site.)  If nothing else, it could even become a series where I tell the many stories that occurred in the past of my Realms.  (Such as my version of "Murder in Baldur's Gate," where I make it into a CSI procedural story)  And who knows, this might end up in my tabletop game.

The Game itself

A bit of a heads-up here.  If you're looking for a well-polished, presentable, and marketable game, keep looking.  I'm doing this to learn how to make RPG Maker games, so expect a lot of graphical bugs, glaring plotholes, and rookie mistakes in the creation of this game.  Also since this will fall into a fan-work because it's set in the Realms, it's not intended for commerical purposes anyway.  This game is being made under existing Fair Use clauses in United States Copyright law that premit me using Wizards fo the Coast's Intellectual Property for an educational purpose, in this case learning RPG Maker.  I put it out in public for the same reason:  You can play it, find out what I'm doing, and give me some feedback on how to do a certain mechanic better or even suggest--or even create--a better graphic or script for me to use.

In fact, I'll be thrilled if some players in turn decide to collaborate on a certian item, allowing me to use them for a mention in the credits.  Consider this invitation open and if we click good enough, I'll keep you in mind when I move on to more important--and more commercial--projects.