David Foxfire's Game Idea Site

If you're seeing this page, then there's a good chance you met me on some Gamergate forum of some kind.  By now you realize that I'm not like the other posters, which is encouraged under Gamergate's rule of "you just be you, pal."  Instead of me going on against SJWs and Gawker, I wanted to share some ideas on games with other Gamergate members.  I wanted to make a game, not to get into the AAA arena, but just to create a game that others can play and enjoy. To help share the ideas and show my less than meager skills, I set up this Google Site.

This is pretty much an online sketchbook with the ideas for my games, with sketches, possible graphics from works in progress, and hopefully include a working beta game in due time.  

I thank you very much for checking out my site, and I hope you like what I have up here.  If you want to get in touch with me over these ideas, please contact me over at Google Plus.

What to find here:

I'm more into the design part of the game design than a programmer.  I'd like to learn how to code a game sure, and I'm open for links to tutorials.  I did write programs in the past, but they're usually in Javascript and much earlier languages like Basic.  The most coding you'll find here is either in psudeocode or in Flowchart mode.

At the start, you'll see more illustration, some graphic and interface design, and text description of the games and anything important related to the games.  Over time I'll include links to online notebooks and sketchbooks which I'll make public and eventually WIP items that I deem ready to share.  A bit of heads-up, there might be a trope or two flown around ("A post-apocalyptic world half ful" is an example).  This is used mostly as a way to get my point across as soon as I can, even thought they're not as detailed as they should.  As I progress and add content in this site, the tropes will get replaced by more original ideal.  But hey, we need to start with something? right?